Long time SF lover and too weak player finally ready to take it to the next level

with customized sticks using Happs, Sanwa, and Seimitsu quality parts from Arcade in a Box website. There seems to be alot of technical nuances that I still don’t understand aftering reading all the stickies. Got some questions.

First and foremost, should I trust Arcade in a Box?

If so which joystick should I go with? All I remember in all my scrub years is that I’m the most comfortable with Happ Competitiion joystick but one thing to note is that I’ve always had somewhat of an inability to perform complicated movements like supers and combo strings and parries. There’s 2 types of the Happs style of joysticks, Competition and P360, I’m leaning more to the first one since judging right now with the piece of crap Hori Fighitng EX2 “squared” joystick and not to mention, from reading one of the Happs stickies, P360 I somewhat remembered has some malfuctioons to them. Also, maybe its just the Hori brand that sucks or maybe I should reconsider the Japanese ball joysticks too?

Some input would be nice. Hopefully not everyone hates me enough to ignore my thread :confused:

Off topic: I don’t usually care for reputation but I just love what it says right now, I’m a legend O.o;

First off, Arcade In A Box sticks are very good. The feel of the box itself is unbelievably solid. If you contact Ed, he will not ignore you and will respond very quickly. His customer service is on a stellar level you just can not find anywhere else. I sound like I should be advertising/working for him, but I was where you are about 3 or 4 months ago. I am very happy I went with one. Although in hind sight, I wish I would have gone with a JLF instead of a Happ comp, and an Astro City layout for buttons. Ignorance on my part.

As for which actual stick to use, I would not use the feel of the EX2 as a basis of a square gate. I used an EX2 a couple months ago and after a couple hours of attempting to play on it, I took it back to Gamestop and returned it…I hated it. I was the same as you, only ever having played on Happ competition joysticks. After using a quality joystick with a square gate (Sanwa JLF), I don’t ever see myself using a Happ again. The motions seem to take less to achieve than on a Happ.

Everyone is different, and it really sucks not knowing the feel of each different type of joystick without having to order one, or have a friend that has one. I have yet to try a Seimitsu LS-32-01, but don’t feel the need to after finding the JLF.

I have not tried a P360, but have heard more bad, than good.

same here.