Longer dash distance tech (?)

Hey guys. As always, if this is old news, I apologize, but I thought I’d share something I found out while trying to manipulate the game’s extremely forgiving inputs.

First, let me say that in order to FADC, I hold the stick in the forward direction, and then tap both mp+mk, and right after I tap those two buttons, I flick the stick forward. Basically, instead of holding mp+mk then flicking forward twice to cancel out, I put the button presses in between the two forward directions required to dash.

Anyway, this produces a dash animation where you can barely see the focus animation (you see it for a few frames). The thing is, this dash, at least for Sagat, is significantly further than his regular dash. I don’t know who else benefits from this way of focusing but I thought I’d share.

Here’s a ghetto video to demonstrate.

Again, sorry if this has been posted already.

Shouldn’t this just go in the SF4 forum?

Yeah, that is a few years old, or more.

This has been known since early Vanilla days. It’s the easiest way to perform any type of focus dash or dash cancel.