Longest combo

Just as the title says, what’s the longest combo in this game & who can do it? (Note that Stun Combos DO NOT count).

Oro, Tengu Stone, or SAII infinite i believe.

If you want to see the longest combo for each character, you need to download Saita 3rd Strike combo video.

-edit- dodn’t saw the part that stun combos doesn’t count, so forget the video then lol.

cr.MK xx SA2

No really? A full Genei Jin combo, or Oros SA2 stuff, I agree with that too.

Makoto and Urien combos are up there too.

I think the most I’ve seen without stun is like 48 hits.

Oro’s Yagyou “infinite” gets reset because the opponent gets knocked down.

as far as most hits go, i’d say Oro with Tengu or Yang with Sei’ei Enbu are a lock for that.


Ibuki has an infinite against a dying Gill… :stuck_out_tongue:

Really :smiley: What is it?
@Majin Ryu: Can you tell me where to get? Wanna watch it for fun ^_^.

Oro SA2/EX-snotball glitch on Tweleve for teh win.

There’s that one Yang SAIII combo that does like 99 hits, anyone else seen that? As I recall, though, you need to have a programmable stick to make it work.

remy combo

the biggest oxymoron

Isn’t Twelve Combo worse?



Remy actually has combos, albeit very difficult to do. well, the super cool ones anyways. like in that saita Remy vid with super sick charging.


tisk tisk lotus, i thought u knew better.

jump fierce-> cr fierce-> short cbk-> kara(cr mp) roundhouse rrf… that one is hard and doesnt require a programmable controller (tho it would help between the cr fierce and short cbk part).

were the saita vids done on a normal joystick? i heard of a vid that had sick combos in it but was done on a controller with programmed motions.

Unless you can do b+MP kara-ed into SAII with Q… that was programmed…

Am I thinking of the right video? The one that’s all about max hits. Not to say that it is impossible, but cancels like that pretty much are.

Edited for stupidity

flying HP + SAI, then CBK or RRF while opponent is in the air.

should get about 8 hits :rock:


kysg does cool stuff that’s impossible without prog. shit.