Longest win streak you've seen?

tonight, in a 6 man room, Afrolegends went 47-0 before quitting. the people in there weren’t bad, there was marsgatti and a few others, but his deejay and boxer just went apeshit.

man it was awesome, has anyone beaten this?

I’ve seen Damdai at around 40 something before.

Ya, Mavrick beat his several times on his youtube just look it up afro VS demavrick it think it is

Justin Wong went like 300 - 0. That’s the longest streak I know of.

Scroll down a bit on this link and you can see some stuff about Daigo


the two longest streaks I’ve seen are DGV 25-0, and afro legends 18-0

Against good competition or just anybody?

I ran up on Mr. Karatey once in ranked and he was 107-0.

I think the longest one i have seen was Jigglynorris which was around 60 something if i remember correctly.

LOL, I wish it was 60 but it was like 42 or something till you stopped it.

Ah my memory sucks as usual thats still quite impressive though. =)

After you finally beat me I was like “and so my reign ends…”. :wasted:

Longest I’ve saw in ranked was 60 also, another Vega player… Baconology 101

Then i ended it :lovin:

Then he beat me the next match :looney:

Good times :sweat: