Longevity of fighting games


Some fighting games really did achieve greatness, like Third Strike and Marvel 2, which are still being played today, while some failed to impress like Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

Talk about the longevity of fighting games here


Its not about games anymore its about the paypah


I was about make a topic like this.

How do we go from playing games for a decade but now games barely last a month?



Probably the same thing about any kind of product run on electricity. They just aren’t made to last anymore. On top of that, “certain companies” coughCapcomcough have made it a norm to release an unfinished and tell you the rest is disc locked content…only to later tell you that you still have to buy a physical disc for additional features to be added. I understand roughly the difficulty of the process of making a game, especially one that sells for years and years and years. But even with budgets/deadlines there is a lot of unecessary cut corners that are being taken, i feel at least.


Aren’t sf4 and MvC3 still being played? How are they not long-lasting? SF4 is in it’s 4th year with no signs of slowing down.


Not every game’s going to be 15+ like ST or 10+ like 3S and MvC2…
Alpha, for example got a decent few years… SF4’s still being played…

idk what this topic is about.


IMO it has some credit to the sheer amount of fighting games that has come out in the past couple of years. Every time I buy a new game, two more games are announced a week later. As an average FG enthusiast, it is overwhelming because I have an interest in so many franchises. In the past I never second guessed what I want to play, but now I find myself sifting through my shelf judging which one I’m in the mood for. I still go back to third strike though. Longevity boils down to each individual’s taste.


People just play the new shit that is out. When Street Fighter 5 comes out, people are gonna drop SF4 and play SF5. If MvC4 ever came out, they would drop MvC3 and play MvC4.

If the latest game happens to be the latest game for 10 years, then so be it. Exception seems to be mostly SF2, but it’s SF2.


The topic is probably about the fact that even though this is Shoryuken - the fighting game community does not only play Capcom fighters.
Good for you that SF4 is still being play and bad for the people who enjoyed Soul Calibur 5, a game that is slowly dying already.
And the question is … why do some fighters die, while others live?

I think the reason for that is because most of the people probably grew up with Street Fighter and MAYBE Tekken, so these two franchises are never going to die, since they have their followers, while you can’t say the same for “newer” games.
Something like Soul Calibur is attracting for a lot of people at the beginning, but after a while they drop the game, simply because they’re not into … fighting games in general - as much as the Capcom “fans” are.


TBH, any game that is worth it’s salt has to some degree be great. It’s no suprise to me that SF2, 3S, VS and GG are played to this date. Most games that get ignored already have flavour of the week qualities. I think it’s more interesting to see games like SF2 and 3S being played even when powerhouses like SF4 exist. It would be very interesting to see if SF4 still has the same steam SF2 and 3S have once SF5 lands. The Shear longevity of the game is proven when people realize that just because it’s new does not make it better.

A couple games I hope do not loose steam are P4U and KOFXIII. I seriously have not had as much fun with a new title in a very long time.

Most new titles just miss the mark for me gameplay wise or stylistically.

3S still looks fucking incredible. SF4 on the other hand already looks fucking dated.


Had a conversation 2 days ago with a friend who was about to compare the fall of Arcana Heart to the fall of SFxT and I cut him off shaking my head and just repeating the word NO involuntarily.

Some games are very well made and get a bad wrap for asthetics or characters (games like Arcana and Melty Blood)
And some games don’t make it because they just aren’t good (SFxT, SNK vs Capcom, Capcom Fighting Jam, KOF12)

Before this thread gets too far, please don’t start lumping good games with smaller communities in with games that are just bad.




SF2 grandmaster challenge or whatever its called, vampire savior, and 3s scenes are still going very strong well after ten years…at least in glorious japan.



A lot of people act like 3rdS and MVC2 is some amazing dynasty, when they don’t realize if MVC3 or SF$ came out 2 years after instead of like 10, 90% of the people who played it would have dropped it for the new hotness.

Not to shit on those games, it’s just how the majority of people are.
They see something new and shiny, and they’ll jump to it.




ST and 3s are both really good, makes sense that they still have scenes where a lot of other games don’t.

plenty of games came out back then that didn’t last long as well. that’s not new. some were good, a lot were bad. it’s not like having “Street Fighter” in the name is a sure sell either. the first two SF3 games weren’t as good and no one kept playing them. SSF2 wasn’t as good as either game before or after it and no one toots that game’s horn anymore either.

ST and 3s deserve to still be played, they’re two of the best things to come out of the first decade of fighting game popularity.

it’s a shame that HF isn’t more played today though.


i wouldnt say mvc2 was made to last, it by the randomness of god lasted. especially considering the fuckery that is Vs games, and the pure lack of thought that has gone into them until mvc3. while it also has its problems, which are mostly the game mechanics, from an individual characters strength and weakness point of view, they did very well in comparison to the past Vs games.

st will last forever because its the last hallmark of basic core fighting games, plus supers for a little bizaz. it has clear issues, and is really only enjoyable imo if your a scrub, or god like at the game and play like 75 percent of the cast. i think its frustrating on an intermediate level because there is just so much ridiculously dumb shit in that game, and rightfully so because it came out in fucking 1994.

there is a misconception that games were built to last back then imo. most games that seemed to last for a while were mostly purely because of a lack of anything else like it, or the technicalities to being really good at the game were high level, so it kept people entertained while they tried to master cc’s, roll cancels, etc… well i guess in reference to capcom fighters. tekken has always been a series of solid games. virtua fighter. i cant speak on snk much really other then SS.

anyways, yeah, the problem with longevity in fighting games isnt really the games, because although there are some games that are just not really that enjoyable, players here are just a bunch of whiny bitches, or noob sheep. the fact of the matter is ggpo still has a ton of og enjoyment on it, and supercade, although ive never used the latter. plus people need to break out of the norm of doing shit for viewers and for the fans type shit as if we’re all a bunch of movie stars all of a sudden, and mix it up imo. its unfortunate that now we are at a point where regular every day dudes have become the pillars of the community, dictating what we like, albeit not intentionally, and pretty much if you cant get a big streamer to include a game like ggac on their stream on like just some weekly house gathering type shit, or have known names endorse a game and push it, there is no way for it to get it going.

its just weird that you hear, ah, that games dead, no one plays that. for real, if i only had 4 other people around me that played lets say, ggac around me, and we were all good and could easily get way better, thats all i need. i dont need half the players in the tri state area to play ggac for it to be worth my time to invest in practicing it. just be those 4 god like players in your area, and when you get your chance to shine, be those 4 god like players at a major that no one expected to be on that level, which will automatically gain new interest from players when they get stomped out and be like whoooa, you guys must be playing this shit a lot. be those 4 god like players that save up and go to japan and stunt hard, or challenge some of the japanese players that come here and still play non popular games.

im rambling


The same thing used to happen back in the “good old days.” For every ST or MvC2, we had a metric ton of other games that people forgot after a month. Heck, we actually had more of those back then - it’s why the genre “crashed.”


Most of these games got played for 10 years only because the company did not want to make a revision for them. What puts them over any running series of fighting games that DID get constant rule updates?


Alpha 2 Gold
Alpha 3 Upper
Second Impact
Jojo’s - Yes, everybody forgot this until recently
Rumble Fish - again, see above.
Waku Waku 7
Guilty Gear was very backgrounded…
Fighter’s Megamix
Fighting Vipers
Big Bang Beat

Yeah, there were a LOT…