Longview T.x...GREG C.O...needs game groups

In Longview temporarily so maybe we can work something out.

Just recently moved to Longview, I take it your the only one around here anymore that plays? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much. There’s some players in Marshall and Texarkana too. Msg me and let’s try to get some games in.

XBL: Nicon22
We can play sometime, although I suck really really really bad, I havent played forever. :confused: Figured I should start playing again with AE coming out soon

Get ready! The first UCC event of the new season takes place the following week after the next City Meet-Ups in Killeen.

City Meet-Ups takes place in the same venue as the tourney, so be sure to hit it up to get a feel of the setups :tup:


sup longview you are all weak and scrubs west texas is where the real players are!!

hey im from tyler, tx… idk if anybody been hosting (or wants to start) hosting a tournament… let me know… i sure would like to play somebody in my region…

Where you at in Tyler? Maybe we can get something going.

Oops, missed this earlier! Are you still hanging around Longview?

still in longview, might catch me on gamertag “man whut”

no one wants to play you. cheesing it with yun all the time. they should call it super yun fighter yun edition

[Jun 18, 2011] UCC Proving Grounds: So it begins… - (Killeen, TX)

Don’t forget about our UCC event this Saturday!

Yes, we will have AE!


I havent posted on this forum in about a year I thought the scene was dead, if anyone wans to get some games in just message me.

Our next regional coming up. Bigger, better, more sponsors! Jan 28-29, 2012 $500+ Bonus pot!

anyone in longview or tyler still playing?

Yeah, see the thread below…Although I personally don’t have time right now, but we we’re talking about starting a meetup. There’s always XBL too.

alright sweet. thanks.

Hey! EVO is around the corner so it’s time to get in as much tourney experience you can get.

June 2, 2012 - Waco, TX Just check out the link!=== > http://tinyurl.com/ktb-waco

If you can’t make it out to NorthWest Majors, Canada, or even Laredo, try to make it out to Waco.

Hello Longview! I’m having a Super Turbo session Friday night tomorrow at my place (a small upstairs room). If anyone is interested in coming please send me a message or reply in the thread! It will be fun times! I live in North Bossier City