Look at Art/Reintroduction

Hi everyone! For those who have been at SRK a while (bahn, rook, et al) may remember me. Used Hero as a name, came to rejoin due to SF4 but could not remember my password for the life of me.

The new username is also my XBLive tag. Figured if I was starting a new account, I may as well tie it all together in a neat, presentable way! Now I can post art AND be easy to find for a match of SF4 or HD Remix!

The url is my DA site and I also have a sketch blog at http://kevin-cameron.blogspot.com. If you’d like to see some SF fan stuff, here we go!

So it’s good to be back! I hope my new work and direction is something you guys enjoy!

welcome back old friend :slight_smile:

cool, a blast from the past! How’s the artwork going for ya?

u win at art.

Wow, thanks man!