Look at my template please


Well I’ve put together a first draft on my top panel template and wanted to run it by you guys first to see if you had any suggestions. The top buttons are select, ps home, and start. The action buttons are in the Vewlix pattern. The only thing I changed was to move the joystick down a few mm’s or so and to the left a few mm’s to make way for the top buttons. Let me know what you think. What you would change, etc. The dimensions are 12x8". The spacing is not exact yet. I might move everything to the left slightly to center things more, etc.



Personally, I would move the select / home / start further up, they seem awfully close to the joystick and it would suck to accidentally trigger them. Either that, or relocate them to a side or the top of the case.


I didn’t think they would be close enough to trigger, but if you think they will be I’ll just move them to the top/side as I don’t want to move them any higher or want to lower the stick.


Looks good to me, just the right amount of space either side of the case for both hands.
I have seen some great sticks wrecked by placing the template/joystick to close to the left edge of the case.


I use start to pass pre/post fight cinematics all the time. I actually subconsciously mash start any time I’m waiting for the game to load something.


Thanks for the input. I’ve decided to just put the buttons on the top/side.

So now I’m just going with a straight up Vewlix layout. Now I have to get some good art to go on it. I tried to chop a couple together but it looks kind of bad.


Like that smudge tool work? Haha.


Try and use the transparency tool on Ryu’s aura then smudging. Possible you’ll get a cleaner look, however you will mix the auras (that’s just my personal preference though).


Thanks I’ll definitely try that out. I don’t mind mixing the auras. As long as it looks good and not like an obvious chop like the one I did above. I’ll try it out tomorrow and see how it goes.