Look at this Keeper combo!


Ok the last combo is something ive never seen before has any one seen this before and if so who does it work on?

This guy is always finding new things…

Double you tee eff

That was pretty insane.

I’ve seen Dander do it before. Still pretty cool.

oh man, that was pretty cool…ken>yun (?) :lol)


wow that’s good shit!Nice find!

I’ve done that combo before. There are other variations of it too. There’s that one, and then there’s the short spinning kick anti air version that can be finished with two uppercuts not always necessarily kara.


Dander does some crazy shit I don’t see everyone do.

Too bad he sucks cock.


Are the crossups for kens corner only?

What is this Alpha? Stuff like that applies here too?

I’ve heard of a few crossups only work on specific corners or jump-in’s that will become ambiguous depending on which side the character is facing.Wondering if thats the case here too.

I’d love to try it out for you, alas I don’t do anything for free. or for scrubs.

jk, I don’t have it for ps2.

JK You gay.

I dont remember asking you anything…


too bad i did the short spinning kick anti air before you.
than you said you, “improved it.” :rofl:

I never claimed that I did it first. I give credit where credit is due. Vinny is a monster. But he’s a back stabbing piece of shit too.

So I might be on Amir’s team if Rock doesn’t show.

You all are scrubs, even Vinny. I taught Daigo how to play.