Look at this Keeper combo!

and Daigo lost to Valle last year.

I beat Valle at regency last week…

Valle > Daigo
I > Valle

I > Daigo

Vinny ? Pherai

I can’t help if he quit practicing.

Vinny wins because Ken is an autowin. YES I SAID IT!

not really auto win. but its a lot easier than alex, about as easy as akuma.

wow so Dander you really are the best Ken in the world! Its an honor…but really congrats on taking out Calipower…Dander if you lived next to me we would be best friends.


If Dander could take out Calipower, lots of FFA players could

you know what?
im better than all of you.
i can be a rockstar. :rofl:

That is true, but I’m the only that’s done it recently. People give him way too much credit. He wins at evo because the rest of the good players are handicapped due to having played on arcade all that time as opposed to console.

Interesting theory Dander. Is he a nice guy? Who is his main now is it Ken? Does he play other characters well?

I personally don’t think he’s a nice guy at all. He always has this smug look about him whenever I’m about to play him and we had this huge argument over him thinking that practicing at his house was going to make us better than if we were to practice at regency (our local arcade). It came down to me against him, and he threw out a bunch of little scrubs here, and threw his 10 year third strike career in my face. This little scrub raped.

yeah I think his main is Ken. He had John Choi there too, and I took him out too.

He might play other characters, but he didn’t play any other characters when I was there.

Funny Pherai Jesus mentioned other players being able to beat valle too, but I don’t think he could. Oh sick burn akuma vs akuma mm ft 100 for 1000000000000 dollars.:looney:

Honestly I think the entire cast of 3rd strike elite could own up valle. With the exclusion of like…nope everyone I think.

I hope the entire cast of 3s elite is better than me by now…:woot:

(you beat me one game at regency on my way to drop choi off LOL)

Didn’t know you were keeping tally on casual play for who’s better.

I don’t care if you hate me…its competitive gaming.

Time to move on kid.

Valle vs. Dander first to 10 - $500

Derek Daniels

dander stfu you stupid troll.

you havent done anything in 3s to be able to talk shit to anyone. please shutup and stop talking and posting like you are good and like you’ve accomplished something or anything in 3s. you are just a copy cat ken player, stop talking like you invented shit that players did for years now. i don’t think ive ever even seen you make top 8 at a sorry piece of shit FFA ranking battle. if you cant even make top 8 at a shitty ass tourney like that, then how can u even talk?

usually i’d ignore you b/c you are just a fucking troll, but seriously stfu. you think like a fucking scrub, wow you beat valle once, now you own him? youre not part of the 3rd strike elite, dont talk for the elite. this all started b/c i made a challenge to valle, you are not me. you vs valle is not something anyone cares about.

please play him for $500 then dissappear. put up or stfu

Whoever loses never uses the coveted red color Ken again!

:rofl::rofl: This thread is hype!

I never claimed to be part of the 3s elite. I said the 3s elite are better than him. I’m not seriously claiming to be the best at anything you dumb fuck, it’s all play. Thanks for adding your 2 cents. I will gladly MM Valle at ffa but not for 500, there is always that chance I will lose, just like there’s a chance I will win and frankly I don’t have that kind of money to just put out there. I’ll play him for 100, but like I said AT ffa. I don’t do console mainly because I don’t have the game for console and I do notice a huge slump in my play when I happen to play console. When did anything here even have anything to do with you anyway? And I’m the one trolling? Copycat Ken? Does that mean every ken out there is a copy cat Ken?. I beat him once and I think I own him? Once again Yi, not fucking serious. The moment I sat down to play him I started saying stupid shit. He can vouch for that. Do I honestly think I can rape Daigo now too? You’re graduating from UCSD already too? Is it that easy?!

If all you want to hear is that I’ll MM him, then I’ll do it. Valle ft 7 for 100 dollars at FFA. Do you accept?

As for those ffa ranbats. How about you try playing 2 hours into it, getting warmed up, then playing again three hours later meanwhile I can’t play again because you have your rule about not playing casuals during tournament matches. You may not have noticed but I am one of about a handful of players that actually listens to that shit. That’s not even a real excuse. So I won’t use it. Not having made top 8 at an ffa ranbat definitely does not speak volumes about how well a person plays or how good that person is, mainly because ffa has a shiiiiiiiiit load of pro quality players that havent made it to top since the rise of newer players. That and I get put up against pyro, ken, you, and tom almost every single time. I guess I just really really gotta step my game up.

I didn’t claim to have invented shit either, I just said I’d done it before. I didn’t think it was that big a deal cause it barely did any damage.

As for Valle, like I said up there ft 7 100 bucks at ffa. Don’t mention a console bullshit cop out.
On top of that, I don’t hate you dude, you fucking swear you warrant enough of my attention to actually give two fucks about you dude. He asked me if you were a nice guy and I put forth my experiences with you and thought about everyone elses feelings towards you and came up with the conclusion that you weren’t a nice guy.

No hype no nothing, just play and shut the fuck up.

For posterities sake. I dont entirely mean most of what i post in these threads but this time I do. This saturday Alex? I mean if its the gas, youll be winning it back right? if its just the sticks, shogo and or tom will likely be there. I mean Im sure a lot of shit is covered but I could be wrong.

Pherai: I’ve used Red Ken once. I don’t think I can go back. QQ

who is Omni btw?

You’re not worth a MM to me… its more like a waste of time…


look everybody… DANDER is better than me ken vs ken or ken vs anybody i pick!

with that said… see you at EVO =)

free money is free money, I thought all jews felt that way.

It’s not about being better than you, it’s about being better at this point. I’ve been playing this game about a tenth of the time you’ve been playing fighting games and my climb in terms of skill was a quick one. Yi can disagree because I don’t spend my day sucking his cock trying to be his friend, but I know it, the people I play with know it and that’s all that really matters to me. If you expect me to MM at Evo, it ain’t happening. Show up at ffa and show us how to play the game the way its meant to be played. On arcade or keep your little lackeys out of here with fake ass propositions and shut the fuck up.

Dander vs Yi - first to 10 - $500!!!

Derek Daniels

no way, I know where I stand there. hhahahahahaha even I’ll admit that.

how about dander vs omni ft 7 - $100 3s of course i dunno how to play st or any of those older games.

You’re a joke and you know it…
You come to play me and choi at regency with your gay ass Urkel voice “hee hee I got better huh?” and i’m like “…”

Of course you think I’m an asshole because I dont talk…
Everybody thats good looks like an asshole at first til you get to know them…
Say what you want… You don’t know me at all…

I’m much better on arcade to tell you the truth, its where I came from…
I play on PS2 for practice because MOST national tourneys are console…
I used to play at regency tourneys all the time and it was usually me watts or amir on top…

Also…basing your skill on beating one player on a first to whatever doesnt mean shit…

Try beating everybody consistently…You think like a marvel player… try to MM everybody for respect LOL… wont work with me either

I didn’t say I got better huh…I said " I think I’ve gotten better since the last time we played" so quit lying pinnochio or it might get bigger.

You don’t look like an asshole cause you don’t speak. I’ve been around you when you were speaking, and that’s why I think you steer closer to the asshole side. You got it all wrong. I’ll admit I don’t know you, but I can make assumptions and give opinions on you from what little you’ve said to me or around me.

as for much better on arcade, I would think so too, because your repuation precedes you but…uhh…ok.

As for Regency tourneys, that was waaaaay long ago before I ever even started playing this game, and when I did, it wasn’t you winning. Actually, maybe once.

It doesn’t mean shit to beat a world contender in a race to 7? Maintaining consistency through 2 matches out of 3 got you your title at Evo last year. Are you renouncing it now? Or is this just big bad anti-scrub out to kill by throwing shit around in an attempt to avoid actually playing? Listen dude, you don’t want to play cause it’s a “waste of your time”? fine, I’m not going to beg you to put your money on the line because honestly that wasn’t what I had in mind either until Yi stuck his face in here showing us what 40000 dollars worth of education gets you in california.

And I am going to try to beat everyone consistently but its a little hard when I got work about 10 hours a day and maintain fucking 2700 dollar mortgage. Hence the reason I won’t MM for 500, 100 is the limit for me.