Look for midwest sf4 players for tournament big pay out


**hey guys a local game shop here is willing to hold a street fighter 4 tournament here soon … I’ve been talking to them about how big the scene is in the midwest and they are willing to pay out $500 yes its $500 for top player if there is a big turn out more the first place prize amount will be more… For this to happen im asking you “srk ppl” knowing the best competition is here to see if anyone is interested… Location la crosse wi. About 2 and half hours south from the twincities and 6 hours from chicago… If any of the srk guys would like for this to happen pm me and let me know so i can get this thing going **


6 hours from chicago?

Jesus thats like 9 hours for me then.


Yea too far, if it was like 2-3 I’d go, but that’s just killin it.


smooth focker u on my friends list? u hmong? if so, where in la crosse is it at? Also what day roughly do u think it will be around.


well the store is called Gaming Generations… they will be hosting it… im askign cause the more ppl show up the top prizes goes higher… but the $500 will be there just more … i need ffed back this week… so i can let them know a rough idea on whos and how many…willing to come in lacrosse alone we have a good 15 decent ppl and would give anyone a good run for their money… but we also like a diverse group and a challenge … gotta earn that money


im down for it but i need to know what day its gonna be so i can plan the trip accordingly. Im coming from milwaukee so if im driving up there, i might head up to MN so i need to know when exactly it is. Also are there going to be any other games besides SF$ or is it strictly a sf4 tourny. If HD REmix is there then Ill definetly be there


anyone intrested … i would really like to see good competition here… think you can earn that $500 … i mean thats alot of money … there is also talk about other fighters for a side tourny … input ur ideas… but sf4 is the main tourny


People like to see dates and more info before blindly saying theyll attend something.


well its starting to come out … i have pirze money 35 or less show up 1st place $500 and 2nd $200… more then 50 60 ppl show up the prize could be $700 for 1st …

1st place will have an opportunity to be sponsored base on skill level for all MLG “Major League Gamming” events

need feed back from you guys if u wanna have on Ps 3 or 360 …( i myself vouch for ps3 =p)

Double elimanation five rounds… will change base on number of competitors

need feed back on which day it will be held on a Saturday or Sunday (dates will be given out soon)

help a fellow gamer out if you guys want this to happen

sorry tournament in progress relink thread



3/5 is too long for sf4


The whole thing seems :confused:

Besides, for the Chicago crowd, it’s hella far. I can’t think of anyone that would justify that trip, unless they KNOW they’re gonna win.

3/5 is too long. Agreed.

Check the WI thread, see if they can make it. Other then that, good luck. :tup:


13 hours for me. too much driving.


Looks like you’re needing some advice, as stated 2/3 is the standard and even then it’ll take a bit. As for ps3 or 360, honestly just go with whichever you have more of. You’re going to get people praising you and hating on whichever choice you make so expect that 100%, though do keep in mind Evo is running ps3 so people who would drive this far should be prepared for either, let alone what Evo has.

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I won’t be making it, though having a date will help the decision.