Look here before asking about what type of stick you should use!

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Basically there are two “sub categories” of sticks. American and Japanese.

American parts are almost always Happ, or some knock-off brand. Happ is the shit you see in American arcades.

They’re bat-top stick that is very stiff, usually have a hard spring in them. Buttons are either concave or very flat buttons that seem like you have to press down all the way to respond. I mostly see the flat buttons around.

Many people who make custom sticks like using American parts for Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Sticks you can buy with parts that are American that are worth getting are that follows:
Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Arcade stick by Nubitech (most people mod out the buttons)
MAS System sticks, people generally use these for MvC2

Then there are the Japanese parts. Mostly made by either Sanwa, or Seimitsu.

They are the shit you find in Japanese arcades (see the pattern?).

The stick is usually ball top (but bat tops for these stick do exist), You usually do not have to use too much force using this stick, as they are looser than Happ-type sticks. Buttons are nice and rounded, very, VERY sensitive, and you do not have to press them all the way.

Many people use these parts in custom sticks for MOST games, as they are nice and responsive.

Stock sticks that are worth getting with Japanese parts are that follows:
Hori Real Arcade Pro’s (Most of these have Sanwa parts mixed with Hori stock parts)
Tekken 5 10th Anniversary Arcade Stick (US, All Hori Stock parts)
Capcom Fighting Jam arcade stick (I think it’s an HRAP iirc)
Arcana Heart arcade stick (It’s an Hrap 1)

Q: How do I know which one I would like?
A: Easy, Do you like the feel of parts in your local arcade? (if your in North America), if they’re too stiff for you, you might like Sanwa/Seimitsu.

Q: How about if I like American stick, but Japanese buttons (or vice-versa)
A: You’d have to go to custom-stick land for that, I do not know of ANY stock sticks that do this (correct me if I’m wrong). Byrdo, and many custom stick makers here on SRK can probally make one for you, but Byrdo is more of a store where he makes it, then you can buy it, I don’t know if he still makes requests.

Q: I bought a stock stick from the store, can I swap out parts for same country parts (Bought HRAP, want Sanwa parts)
A: Yes, you might have to do a little modding, there are FAQ’s littered all over the place in this forum. Look.

Q: I bought a Tekken 5 stick, and I want to modd it with Happ parts, is that possible?
A: Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve never met/seen anyone who wanted to do this. I think it’s possible, you just have to gut everything out and mod it to hell and back.
You can! Poon and markR has done this before.
Basically it’s alot of work, but if you put effort in and you like happ you should be satisfied.

Sticks you WANT to avoid:
Pelican, Mad Catz, any crappy American 3rd party maker shit.
XArcade, I heard that it lags like on every converter known to man, and it just sucks period.
Asian bootleg arcade sticks. Seriously. There are TONS of Hori bootlegs out there, they’re mostly crap iirc, but I guess you can use it for a nice sturdy case.

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Pelican’s real arcade line is fairly decent and incredibly mod-able.

I’d recommend it to anyone who’s cheap/lazy and doesn’t mind occasionally blowing out a ps2 rumble volt line or two

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Q: I bought a Tekken 5 stick, and I want to modd it with Happ parts, is that possible?
A: Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve never met/seen anyone who wanted to do this. I think it’s possible, you just have to gut everything out and mod it to hell and back.[COLOR=White]


its been done poon has been known to do this how exactly i have no clue

with random stuff

CONCAVE: if you played SFII back in the day you’d know these buttons by heart, if not they curve inward so your fingers can rest inside of the buttons. New school as well as marvel players do not enjoy these buttons since they tend to hurt the players fingers when playing fast or mashing, they tend to perfer convex buttons
CONVEX: these look exactly like a concave button except the curve is inversed so it looks like a mini-dome

But Mizuki, why would anyone ever post about what type of stick you should use?! :lol:

I play mostly marvel but do prefer concave…I seem to hit one of the buttons sooner than the other with convex…screws up dashes and what not

I do like bat top, but they were looser. not sure

what are square-gates/octagon/360’s? I here a lot of stuff like that, stuff I think I should know?

Well, they do make bat top attachments for Japanese sticks, so with few exceptions, you can have a bat on most anything.

cool, I just have to ask the person who works there because I’m not quite sure…they are like happ, but shorter bats…a little thicker too and wiggle all over the place. can be annoying when not in top shape…but when they work perfect it is <3

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I did it also. You have to pop off the buttons and dremel/sand off tabs. Then you have to get the mounting plate off (I drilled through the welds), so you can have space for the Happ Joystick. Then you drill a new hole for the joystick shaft and four new holes to mount it. If it doesnt fit, you have to hack the crap out of the plastic base. If you don’t like the height of the stick, then you’re gonna have to cut the shaft as well.

Basically, it’s a lot of dremeling, but I was satisfied with the result.

I have a few (mostly superficial) questions about MAS sticks. I sent an email straight to them a while ago but I haven’t had a response yet and I realized you guys would probably have all the answers anyway.

  • I’ve noticed that in some pictures the top is glossy and reflective, but in others it appears to be matte. Is this something you choose when you order one? I assume the reflective top is plexied… is the matte top just a piece of plastic with the layout/art printed directly onto it?

  • I would guess that assembly is fairly typical/simple but I wanted to double-check. Can the layout/art be removed from under the plexi without breaking stuff apart? If yes, what is underneath? Clean particle board? Smooth black plastic? Ugly wood and pencil marks and mounting plates?

Believe it or not, I have a couple more questions that are even more useless but I’m going to pace myself to feign dignity. Thanks in advance for any and all help!

I recently purchased a HRAP2 and while I love it, I can’t get used to the square gate.

My question is: Do all Japanese brands (Seimitsu/Sanwa) use the square gate? Or do all the brands just sell different types of gates depending on the model? Or do I buy the gates separately?

I’m veryyy new at this so if you could answer this, I’d really appreciate it.

Because my stick is sexy. No homo.


Cool, thanks for the info.

#1 When I went to Evo2k5, I saw tons of MAS sticks, all I saw were matte.

#2 If it is plexi, you can easily remove the plexi and replace artwork. It’s probally another plexi or a particle board. They had to sandwich the paper layout somehow.

Sanwa iirc you can buy an octagonal and a square gate, it’s been awhile since I’ve made my own stick, or bought it, later if I remember I have a spare stick lying around and I’ll check it out and edit this post.

wait what are mas? and restrictors? and gates? ugh!

All the sticks at Arcade Shock matte, and I actually think that pretty well all of the MAS sticks I’ve ever seen in real life and on video or in pictures have been matte… except for this one. (taken straight from the official Super Pro.Stick page)


It’s definitely reflective and it was just enough to make me wonder if there were two kinds. :lol:

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