"LOOK INTO MY EYES!" The Ghost Rider Discussion Thread



Hope this is OK with the Mods…

Arguably one of the most wanted Marvel Characters desired in this game has finally made it in, OFFICIALLY. Just a quick backstory.

Johnny Blaze was a stunt rider for a traveling show when he discovered his stepfather had cancer. Wanting to save him, he sells his soul to who he believes is Satan (but is actually Mephisto). The cancer goes into remission, but Johnny’s stepfather ends up dying in a motorcycle accident the next day. Mephisto comes to claim Johnny’s soul, but is stopped by Johnny’s stepsister, who used a spell of love to block the process. Pissed off, Mephisto instead binds Johnny with a demonic force and uses him to capture the souls of the wicked, and bring them back to Hell.

Thus, Ghost Rider was born.

Here we can discuss Rider and all he brings to UMvC3. (And please, keep the Nicolas Cage jokes to a minimum. ;))

I’ll start off with his range, shown in great part here.


Like I said before he could be a nightmare for Zoners, since he only needs to be mid-screen to start a combo, and has plenty of OTG tools. Maximillian compared him to Omega Red from the earlier Vs. Games and I agree. GR can grab you from almost full-screen (I think he beats Super-Skrull in range), and then combo off of that throw. Plus he doesn’t have some stupid “Omega Strike” move to deal with, either.

But one-man discussions are boring. Anyone else wanna speak their peace?

EDIT: Reported Moveset. Not confirmed…

Hellfire: :qcf::atk:
-:l: GR breathes flames downward, hits OTG
-:m: Breathes fire forward
-:h: Breathes fire upward

Chain of Rebuttal: :dp::atk:
-:l: GR lashes out with his chain upwards, wallbounces
-:m: GR lashes out with his chain upwards (45 degree), wallbounces
-:h: GR fires shotgun like projectiles like Chris’ shotgun

Judgement Strike: :qcb::atk:
-:l: Pulls enemy towards you, right infront of GR’s feet
-:m: Grabs the opponent out of the air for a few hits them drops them to the ground
-:h: GR spins his opponent around and slams them to the ground

Conviction Slam: :rdp::s: (Still have not seen this move in action)

Heartless Spire: :b::h: (Hits OTG)

Hellfire Maelstrom: :qcf::atk::atk:

Spirit of Vengeance: :dp::atk::atk:
-Drive Forward- :f::s:
-Drive Away- :b::s:
-Wheelie: :u::s:, hit :s: again to bring the bike off the ground

Penance Stare (level 3) : :hcb::atk::atk:

And here’s an ‘Assist Me’ with Max about GR’s strengths & weaknesses that can be very useful.



I very much look forward to trying out this character and if he gives zoners hell, then I’ll probably feel right at home.


Well I don’t think I can say anything that hasn’t been said already, he looks like a keepaway character. Haven’t seen any of his non chain normals but Im sure if he has any, they are mediocre. His chain on the other hand has ludicrous range but I have little doubt there will be hell to pay if your opponent avoids the poke. He apparently also has a full screen command grab which is always welcome.

His hypers seem pretty good so far, the bike look about as safe as unprotected sex with a hooker but(and this is purely speculative) I think it has some invincibility, I saw it avoid something on one of the streams but that might be just cause the bike itself has on hittable box. His swinging hyper looks aight, seems to get the job done, while his level 3 is interesting, judging from the whiff animation, it has some decent range but Im sure to counteract that it might have terrible start-up depending on how far away your opponent is.

As for his assists, he has one that otgs but it seems to come out to slowly at the moment to be of much use, his most used assist from the limited footage seems to be the swinging chain one that sends the opponent flying. I hope we can see some more of him before the weekend is over.


I like Dhalsim, Nic Cage, and Dormammu. I think I’ll end up using Ghost Rider quite a bit.


Bike Hyper has super armor and seems to do more damage than Hell fire canceled into Tornado Whip hyper. Also leaves opponent in hard knockdown status, so u can follow up with any otg hyper. Tornado Whip Hyper leaves opponent full screen, soft knockdown state, Dhc timing is before he slams chain to the floor. Jump S goes full screen, is multi hitting. Jump H goes in a huge circle around GR, Jump version covers the top of GR.
Has a chain grab that can be angled Straight, and Diagonaly. No word on Verticle version.
On hit, it pulls opponent in front of GR, so u can follow up with a hyper. May be able to combo into it.
On block, seems to have some laggy recovery, so dont end blockstrings with it.
Penance Stare is a Grab hyper. Seems to have the ability to combo after. No word if it affect damage scaling, or hit scaling.
Two versions of hellfire. One shoots in front of Rider, one close to his feet, otg capable, and Hyper cancelable.
Can only do cr. L, Cr.M, S. No word on what crouching H is. Standing H may be a full screen attack, i dont know if Rider attempted to do a Chain Attack. Seems to have Above average vitality.


Argh, I really wanted to make the Ghost Rider thread. I only didn’t because I PM’d a mod and they said not too. This is injustice.

Ehh oh well… guess I finally get to have some good GR discussion. His moveset from the site:

Hellfire: :qcf::atk: (Guessing :l: fires downward for OTG, :m: forwards and :h: upwards)

Chain of Rebuttal: :dp::atk: (One fires chain shrapnel like Chris’s shotgun, one makes GR lash out with his chain forward which wallbounces, one makes GR lash out at a 45 degree angle which also wallbounces)

Judgement Strike: :qcb::atk:
-:l: Pulls enemy towards you, right infront of GR’s feet
-:m: Grabs the opponent out of the air for a few hits them drops them to the ground
-:h: GR spins his opponent around and slams them to the ground

Conviction Slam: :rdp::s:

Heartless Spire: :b::h: (Hits OTG)

Hellfire Maelstrom: :qcf::atk::atk:

Spirit of Vengeance: :dp::atk::atk:
-Drive Forward- :f::s:
-Drive Away- :b::s:
-Wheelie: :u::s:, hit :s: again to bring the bike off the ground

(I’m guessing his Level 3, Penance Stare is :qcb::atk::atk:)


I kind of disagree with Jak on him being a keepaway character.

It’s clear by his character design that he’s not meant for just keepaway - especailly with abilities that pull the opponent in. Compared to Dorm - while they are both Zoners they are quite the opposite as GR will zone you and then pull you in, where Dorm will zone to keepaway exclusively (especailly in UMvC3 where Dorm seems to knock the opponents back further with certain moves.).

I think he’s a hybrid zoner that is able to keepaway but also switches things up to thrive on close range combat to confuse the enemy. Sort of like Deadpool’s or Mag/Storm’s style where he can keep away and switch it up to close range when there is an opportunity. Except his zoning works the opposite direction of the other chars.

Seems his zoning style might be more designed to counter the zoning styles of keepaway characters more than anything, considering the huge range and very fast attack speed on his air attacks that will easily dodge projectiles while hitting the opponent, and his chain pull completely counteracting zoning and opening up a combo.

Also, his OTG is not ranged and his dash does not seem to be too amazing, he’ll need to be close to utilize it. Not to mention both his level 3 Hyper and his Bike hyper are designed to be used at close range. I definitely do not think he is designed to be a keepaway char.


He seems more of what Iron Man’s style was supposed to be like, staying mid-range with great normals.


hi dar
if anyone seen me playing at comic-con i was the ghost rider firebrand skrull team
standing c goes 3/4 screen
j.s goes 3/4 screen
hes not combo oriented but with the right assist it works
:h: :h: :qcb: :l: firebrand otg assist :qcf: :l: :h: :h: :dp: :m: (delay) :h: :h: :qcb: :l: :qcf: :l: into :qcf: super works and does a good amount of damage
only builds 1 bar of meter though :[


just going to leave this here




Cool, but which move is :qcb::l:? Is that the chain move that bring the opponent right to Ghost Rider’s feet?


i think its…
s.c>c xx get over here, firebrand assist, otg hellfire, s.c>c xx burn, s.c>c, get over here, otg hellfire xx chain super
i believe firebrands assist juggles them for a moment allowing hellfire into s.c>c.
i would think he has an xfactor loop involving get over here and otg hellfire. maybe something like…
get over here, otg hellfire, s.a, s.c>c, repeat until hitstun deteriorates??


So realistically, it could work with any assist that juggles or locks down for a moment, right?

Also, Standing:h: and Air:s: going 3/4 of the screen? That’s gonna make him poke priority. It should also mean that from 1/2 screen you can get all three hits on Air:s:. Wonder if you can work that into a combo…


theoretically, yes that should be possible with a myriad of assists. can’t wait to see what the new characters bring to the table, particularly nemesis, strange, and nova.


so, Relaunches after a wall bounce Chain Attack, and a new projectile that is basiclly a farther reaching Shotgun.
i assume @ :35 thats Air H, @ :43 i assume thats cr.h into a Chain Grapple. It seems that the rumor has been confirmed, LVL3 then land, dash into shoulder attack and wreck the rest of their face after that. If Hellfire truly is a command normal, i’d be okay with that, but it seems like a special. Im going to guess and say "Light Chain Attack pulls opponent on the floor in front of you, Medium wall bounces, and Heavy is the one where GR says “You are guilty”. "
@ this point, he still looks like a keep out character, but like someone above me mentioned, it seems he could go on the offensive any time he wants. Im positive he’ll go good with Dr.Doom, Sentinel, or Storm/Mags in THC/DHC area. But thats if he stays this way.


I’d like to see his bike Super have additional movements like how She-Hulks is. Let’s say you input the super, you can throw in another command for the bike to slide or back on the opponent and let the back wheel burn but is accelerating on the enemy


Looks like he’s got the tools to zone but might serve his team better taking a more aggressive approach. I can imagine cornering someone with Johnny and making it an absolute nightmare for them to escape it.


For a character with his range and keepaway he doesn’t seem to have any moves that builds chip damage. The Bike maybe that looks to be unsafe on block


If it is true that Ghost ditches the bike when you mash an attack button, he might be able to slip away from a bnb or two. Other than that, it seems only useful as an OTG after a combo.

EDIT: Compare Ghost’s bike hyper in his trailer to when he uses it in the original announcement trailer. Johnny ditches that mofo early here and it looks pretty safe to me.


The Bike Hyper looks to be about as safe as Hulk’s Gamma Crush, meaning only certain characters can take advantage of it on block. But something else I noticed, the Hyper Combo doesn’t officially end until Ghost Rider hits the ground. This could lead to a DHC that hits on the latter if someone tries to punish Rider too soon.

His combos on Chris and Wesker were Demonic! A simple 2-in-1 took off a good chunk of Wesker’s bar, and he took off almost half of Chris’ health with that Bike combo; both of them have over 1 million health. I am kinda disappointed that I didn’t see Penance Stare combo’d into. But maybe that would’ve been too much right now.

Oh, and Special Dialogue with Morrigan. :tup: I can only hope he has some with Dante and Dormammu as well…