Look, Ma, no hands: Google Car, aka the perfect car for Asians


General Motors. Toyota. Google?

One of the world’s largest technology companies is getting into the car business — and hoping to turn drivers into passengers. The tech giant announced on its blog Tuesday that it plans to test about 200 of its own two-seat self-driving cars.

“We’ve been working toward the goal of vehicles that can shoulder the entire burden of driving,” the company wrote. “They will take you where you want to go at the push of a button. And that’s an important step toward improving road safety and transforming mobility for millions of people.”

The main goal of the tidy, gumdrop-shaped cars isn’t to push Google into the business of building cars. Instead, the company wants to develop self-driving software that will “improve road safety and help people who can’t drive.”

I wouldnt be surprised if Google monopolizes the car industry in the near future, as long as cars get cheaper, Im cool with it.


Dat racist thread title!


Not like black people can drive any better. Middle aged black women are up there with middle aged Mexican women as weapons of mass automotive destruction.


And Middle Eastern Women. And Asian Women. And White Women.

And…you know what? Women in general can’t drive.

That is the reason women always hand you the keys when you’re taking their car. They don’t actually want to drive because they suck at it. Thanks to this phenomena I have driven several luxury cars, because there is no way I’d ever own one of those things myself.


well, we all know its women:


I’m waiting to see who dies first.


You know why Helen Keller couldn’t drive?


Because she was a woman.


This is so unfortunately true it makes me sad. The amount of near accidents and dumb crap I’ve seen women do on the road is statistically nonsensical. Disabled vets are coming up on the ranks though. Lately they seem to care even less. Must be all the va bullshit happening.



Still waiting for:


just no gdam animatronics! :mad:


this will be a godsend to socal residents. partying + no public transit = DUI :sad:


they should put a steering wheel and pedals just in case anything arises


So are these things going to come to a halt whenever they can’t connect to the internet like Google docs?


Just the music (no narration)


I always figured we’d get the robot maids you could have sex with before the driving cars. I mean where are the priorities?


It is simple:
Dying in a car crash is just far less terrifying than having your penis crushed in some kind of hydraulic vagina.

That and the corporate fat cat illuminati don’t want to share.
Wanna know why you never see those people?
They are too busy flying around in their automated hover cars, getting blow jobs from their robot maids.


It’s ok, I’ve already got a solution to that. An emergency ‘loosen vagina’ button, activated by punching your robot waifu in the nose.


not interested. The mases already phased out the manual transmission, last thing I need is to pay more for a car that drives itself.

Government should just make kick ass public transportation. Make a line specifically for ghetto folk. Yes, those people always discouraged me from taking public transport.


Wait, that was where I had the “Bitch, go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich,” button in my design.