Look out for this player


GT- powerup3 this guy is a lag switch user. Do yourself a favor don’t play this guy, kick him immediately ; unless you want to play him at a disadvantage.

Every time I had the lead it would lag and I would be frozen but he can still move and combo me for free. When ever I would get close to him in a match it would freeze up. I know his connection isn’t normally like that, he has a full 4 bar and I wait before accepting a match to see if his bar will flicker up and down like a normal laggy connection.

If you play this guy and see that he’s lag switching please report him/File a complaint. That’s a violation to the Xbox live code of conduct and not only that it’s not fair to the people who run into him and expect a decent match, but then find out he’s using a switch and it’s to late because you lost points in a match you couldn’t even play.

I already filed 3 complaints on this guy.