Look what followed me home

Anyone utilizing the “follow” feature yet?

<<<<<<This will be for those AE G-men that are serious about stepping up their game>>>>>

Those joining Delfinator’s new Dojo for mirrors and those using the “follow” feature given to us in AE will now be able to watch our friends replays and discuss the why’s and why nots of their respective strategies here as well as have a place to discuss our AE mirror sessions without cluttering up any other thread.
I hope this will start to shed light on the most important reasons why many of us play the way we do, this will truly help improve us all tremendously as we start to see just how serious its getting out there for us Gouken…

edit: I think general REPLAY anouncements are good as well and we should also do a MY CHANNEL discusion, that would be awesome 1 win and 1 loss from 8 gouken discuss here…??? hmmmm…i likey


damn idk how to even use this shit lol

so far im following MAD, MULLAH and MYxXED i will discuss here and share my inputs on y0ur play and hope you and others will follow suit…see ya soon

wait now i know lol. im following pro killer, mullah, delfinator, mr unequivocal, and mad

i would say if there isnt anything too compelling from the followed videos then maybe replays or something. I want to have more discussions on key elements of each others games…if possible and it doesnt always have to be here it could be private as well.

just got a replay w a c+ rose vierwtiful joe on 6/13 check it out gimme your thoughts

I’m following Bullcat, Proudstrawberry, Delfin, Mullah, and someone else, I forgot :P.

I’d actually love to get into “My Channel” replays. It’s an easy way to share and learn.

My GT is Stodgy Bastige if anyone is ever interested in doing a “My Channel”

i watched your latest upload tf, your divekicks and kongos made me lol and no doubt my old butt would be tagged by many of those set ups, i can’t keep up!

i lost 8 in a row to the #2 ibuki ranked player tonight, he took me down to 1400pp, i wasn’t able to even take 20% of his health in the first few fights but by the end i was taking a round or two each fight, i’m slow at learning matchups, but at least now i have a semi gameplan vs her. i wish i won the last match so you guys could see. his name was bertii bear pr something like that.

i looked for the bertii bear replay …you dont seem to have many losses posted, which must be a good sign, i just couldnt locate if, maybe it moved down the line too far for me to see.

i have been seeing your zoning expertise and i commend you on your efforts it seems there are good ways to zone but at the expense of a lot of trades…correct me if im wrong.
i think we all get the feeling that we need to invite ooponents in and then turn shit around on them but your style shows that you can stand your ground and keep them at a distance which i like, although i see alot of opportunity for jump ins , a risk i dont see you take often but thats a good thing, however in the IBUki matchup i think since shes so pro at zone and with her hit confirms off lights and teleport weve all got mixed up by, i think jumping right on top of her keeps her quietest.
Heres a match with White Gun an excellent Ibuki. I tend to play most of my opponents the same, which is likely my undoing at times, hence the need to learn a better zone strat.
nonetheless heres me and IBUKI

thanks for the video, i thought about my own matches with ibuki and i realised i just dont know all her mixups, so i fall for alot of stuff. i should neutralise any kunai mixup with ex kongo but i dont, i only now whiff punish the cr.mk slide with our cr.hk etc.

used to be easier, just punch kongo the kunai. If it always hits meaty I would just go with medium punch as upper always handled it and I never got hit low.

cr. mk is great to counter them kunai also any normal will counter them as well

I think he means when they throw the kunai on your wake up for their mixup game

ahhhh i get it

im bored so i guess i’ll watch over eveybody i followed replays and comment on what i think about it

every couple of day i play sfiv for about 30 mins and get so bored, but i keep coming back lol.

^ In the same boat. That’s why I’ve just been hitting up training mode and using Oni in endless. Then something pisses me off and I’m back to using Gouken. LOL.