Look what UPS drop off :)

Hello Everyone
This is my first post :stuck_out_tongue: awesome forum very useful forum!
I order my SF4 Madcatz TE Stick when Amazon.com had them online for 170+SH with reseller Beachaudio, my order was backordered and call them the next day to cancel and found out my order was shipped :rock: crossfinger so UPS drop off a BIG BROWN BOX today as i was washing my baby. :slight_smile: any other SRK members had their order shipped?


cool story bro

Cool man. I hope your stick is nicely wired and soldered. My friend’s TE stick died out after 2 days. He opened it up knowing that it would take forever if he sent it back to madcatz and saw that the wiring job was crap. Glue was all spread over the circuit boards. (The turbo area) Wires were crossed. etc. He’s an electrical engineer major so he took it to the research lab he worked in and he just cleaned it up and it worked again.

Welcome to the TE Owner’s Club homie!

nice car man

Nice bro! Hey I got my TE stick too!! (LOL we r both lucky yes)
check out these pictues!!!! :rock: