Look, Whoever Roshihikari is, he doesn’t wanna do this for the rest of his life


How could he? Roshihikari is looking for someone to take up his mantle.


I’m available on weekends (8am-14am) and weeknights (9pm - 9:10pm) for lessons in the art of Roshi. My grandpa taught me to never sign forms, so I can’t do that.


Jack & the Box is now open 24 hours, thank you drive thru.




SBO 2012 Semi-Final 1


SBO 2012 Semi-Final 2


SBO 2012 Final



Do not watch those. I didn’t. (# 1 was okay?! Counter trolled. blocking-ga.)

Don’t look at any of the below. [bcuz] I did it. [instead of sleep]

DandeRoshiHiKari disciple, STREETS disciple
(repeat x2 many)

Or my dude Dr Shin Sho… mini. [details=Spoiler]Even though I thought I could criticize the Shin Sho master back in Online KenEditions Video thread.[/details]
Dr Q.
Dr Qube.


The x3 dash + throw kills me. So screw that. x3 into “YOU DIE --AHAHAHA”

Bitch, he look like Goku. Looks like LP, Felt like MP since longer active hitbox, stuck foot in blender many times, like close HP into Wakeup Makoto, EX Fukiage, you lose. Don’t do that, maybe she lose. We’re all winners in the end.


I wish you good luck! - Ken


(See’s SBO vids and tempted to watch but suspects trolling)



…were you on Ambien when you wrote this?


Evolution 2012
Time pants Maybe Evil Ryu is just misunderstood?
clockwork pantalones. <-- why is this bold and italic
, this too!! Can’t even turn it off.


Roshihikari is my favorite 3s-based super hero.


You COULD just click on the embedded vids, then move your mouse on the bar. They have thumbnails based on the time of the movie.

The videos are legit.


it makes sense tho.


You all need to give in to the fact that I’m the real Roshi, master Roshi like DBZ mostly.

Based imposter Roshi is cool though.

Music of the day: [media=youtube]crdp30kRG3U[/media]