Lookin for a sensei (rofl.) kinda person

well im just startin out to play sf3, i played fighting games back in the day like sf1-2. but it wasnt anything special, i went nuts when i learned how to do a fireball and that was about it.

Now i just got my first stick, its a mayflash usb $40 decent one. nothing to brag about now but im looking to mod it as well. So i’m trying to find a person to kinda spar with to give me criticism on how some of my characters play and how i can improve, ya know?

Anyways, i just moved into my apartment and i’ve been smokin alot of bowls out of my new bong so dont mind the post if it sounds kinda odd.


A fellow smoker :smokin:

I can help you if you play on kaillera. alternatively you can fly down to UK for some british bong and 3s :arazz:

Wow. Try hitting up the regional forums. I’ve always been warmly received by players in the area.

Lol if you come to Morocco some holiday, things can be organized for fighting games AND grass

I could throw you a few tips here and there.
Check your PM.

Just decide on a character and watch lots and lots of videos of people playing that character. You won’t really be able to break down the mind games until you’ve been playing for a while, but it will help you learn combos, set ups and general strategy pretty quickly. There’s also a good number of video tutorials up on youtube, you can find them browsing around this here forum.