Lookin' for good qulaity Arcade Parts

interested in makin my own stick and was wondering if anybody knew some good sites, perhaps brands

little search could have helped you.

start here , read and then come back here


good reading!

Happ, Sanwa, Seimetsu

fixed a bit…

iL makes buttons too.

good to know…

I’ve only ever seen reference to iL sticks and Happ Buttons…

are the iL buttons better than happ?

I don’t like either, but between the two I’d suspect you are more likely to hit quality control issues with chinese made Happs.

I’m not really that big of a parts snob… I grew up on iL/Happ, and have switched to sanwa… both have their pluses and minuses… the sanwa buttons are too easy to activate, but they are quite and precise… the happ buttons tend to wear you out… lol

Thats why we have Seimitsu. :rock:

There’s also the Korean arcade parts by Crown which are a little harder to acquire.

one day I’ll try those… can’t justify replacing my 2 month old buttons… lol

users usually get flamed for posting questions like this WTF

sometimes…sometimes the flaming gets old… :stuck_out_tongue:

He did get flamed for it, just not as bad as you because he didn’t reach your level of lazyness and ignorance if that makes you feel any better.