Lookin for good tvc players to battle

hey people, my names jose and this game rocks. i want to get better in this game and hopefully compete in tournaments so im lookin for good players who can give me experience with match ups. i live in toronto, canada so anybody around the area who is experienced is welcome to fight me. please have good connect and send me an email whenever you want to fight me. im no scrub but not pro either. my tvc name eagleken and fc is 0131 3683 8103. leave your tvc name and fc along with your mains and ill add you. i use almost everyone but my mains are ken and ryu.

We have a friend code thread you know, but since this is here anyway: 4254 5282 8255

I see Zero/Ryu/Condor

well since im in the GTA as well (Vaughan) I will leave my FC:

Threi: 1849-3052-4108


We HAVE a friend code thread already.