Lookin for some comp in allentown, PA


anyone out there?? im lookin for competition so if anyone is interested post here… i play just about everything


Sup? My family lives in Bethlehem. I’m at State College right now, but I come home from time to time (probably for a bit in the summer.) We should hang out. And also I feel your pain, I had no luck finding people who liked fighting games in the ABE area. It was real depressing. I hope you have better luck then I did!


I live in phillipsburg,nj living here till july…i play mvc2 and ST mostly mvc2. :lovin::lovin::lovin:


o ok cool, we should all meet up and get some games in guys


my pad is always welcomed :D:lovin: whats ur aim anyway.


I’ll be back for a little bit in May, from early May to about the 15th. We def. should, I mainly play SNK games but I’m happy to play a little of whatever, doesn’t matter whether I win or lose, I always have fun playing with other people! PM anytime.


A friend and I go to allentown sometimes. Maybe we can catch you the next time we come up. If you’re ever down by lancaster, we’ll definately have to game.


if u can pass by phillipburg its all good my ride is broken :confused:


ok cool, im real busy with school but i get out real soon… i’ll keep all of you guys posted



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So anyway I’m gonna be back in Bethlehem on 29 June, whos gonna be around then or after then for some games?


i live in the poconos. beth / allentown is all under an hour from me

hit me up on AIM


i play mvc2, 3s, st (really rusty), and xm vs sf



let’s get NEPA going…


this is sad :frowning: