Lookin for some sf4 pc players!

Hello everyone, I’m looking for some pc players to help level up my game. Or xbox players. I would prefer to play on the pc because of ventrilo its easier to communicate with each other. My area really sucks for SF4. I’m pretty sure I am the only person that plays it here lol. So I’m looking for a group of players to help me get better and hopefully I can return the favor and level up your game as well. I welcome anyone who wants to get better or to aid in others to get better to contact me so we can get something of the such started.

The only things I ask is if you have a mic to use Ventrilo it will be the main place we communicate. And also have the drive to want to get better.

I have SFIV on PC, so I am up for it some time I am free. Shinitobi is the name on SFIV PC. I main Guile btw, and I’ll PM you when we I can.