Looking at buying a used MvC TE stick - any major caveats?


I recently bought MvC3 and like the game a lot. I’d like to get serious about improving my game and have an offer to buy a used stick for around $85.

Are there any warning signs I should look out for when inspecting a stick?

Also, it doesn’t come with the box… I’m pretty OCD when it comes to wanting a box for this, so is it possible for me to get an official box after the fact? Any idea how much that would run me?

Thanks for your time.

I just read there’s a trading outlet, which may be an option for buying just the box. Though, there’s a requirement of having a 50 minimum post count first.

Is there a way to make an exception for this? I have a very extensive eBay history with 100% positive feedback, 3000+ karma on GameFAQ’s, and more e-rep proof. I really would like to scout the possibility of buying the box alone before I commit to buying the stick.

Perhaps someone would be willing to make a topic for me?

2011 FAQ for the Trading outlet…

IOW…I ain’t risking a ban for you.

Why don’t you just but a new stick?
I like to buy my stuff new…so I ponied up for a regular TE.

I would, but I’m strapped for cash at the moment. There’s even a Gamestop near me with the SSF4 TE S stick for $130…

I’m almost tempted to just bite my lip and jump on that GS stick.

You should jump on that; I’ve been looking around locally and haven’t been able to find any (new/used) in my area. Get it before it’s gone.

there aren’t any exceptions to the rules.

I don’t want this to turn into a devoted to my beef with the rules. I’m still looking for solid advice on purchasing a used arcade stick.

The rule is unreasonable without flexibility. It effectively limits decisions that should otherwise be made by two private parties. It attempts to construe length of membership as some kind of indicator for trustworthiness or reliability. Not only is the basis not of a kind easily construed to such noble qualities, but it stifles trade where the noble qualities do exist. This situation is a fine example of this; SRK is restraining a member who has real, quantifiable indicators of trustworthiness and reliability from engaging in commerce.

By extension, it’s preventing other members from deciding for themselves whether I would be worth trading with. While these members would likely be wary of someone who’s only met an arbitrary requirement to trade on SRK, they would probably be more comfortable with someone who has spent years trading on a dedicated marketplace with over a hundred transactions.