Looking for 2 busted Happ 360 Joysticks

I tried some silly mod on 2 of my 360 joysticks and the throw ended up being too long. I just need the housing. Busted in any condition is fine. If you just have one that’s okay too.

el bumpo.

i may have one… ill look when iget home. and i believe its sorta busted.

Wow, it just so happens I have one. I tried bending the optical sensors to get better diagonals. But from all the un-screwing and re-screwing I stripped something and can’t get the screws out of the housing. Let me know if you want it.


You guys let me know how much you want for them shipped. Remember, I just need the plastic housing so I don’t want to pay too much.

Thanks! :lovin:

The fact that you are willing to pay anything is exciting to me. I’m not quite sure about shipping but, I’m guessing it will run around 5 dollars USPS Priority. I’ll say 13 bucks shipped. However, I’m warning you that I cannot get those screws out of the plastic housing. I have only used an electric screwdriver, but all the screws do is spin and spin without going anywhere. Maybe you can get them out but I can’t.

are you talking about the mounting screws? cuz you may need to hold them on the other side to get it off.

and albert i do have some stuff
go here http://happcontrols.com/images/pdf/ins-0057.pdf

i have the hub assemble with the stock hardspring. no PCB and no shaft e clip

also like all 4 mount holes will mount… just 2 of them are kinda fugly. its the way it came from happ when i bought it so they just sent me the housing and not the PCB is why i still have it.

you can have it for free just pay for shipping.

gimme your address and ill ship it and you can reimburse me. or just paypal me soemthing.

Sent PMs.


I’ve got a whole stick if you need one. I don’t know if it works or not, but I’m not using it.