Looking for 2 fonts for stick art


I’m currently working on art for my new stick and I need a couple of fonts for the text. Maybe someone can help me find them.

The first is rather specific. I need the font used for the character names at the character select and versus screen for SFIV. I’ve tried searching for “street fighter” on various font sites and all they seem to have are old school 1 and 2 symbols and such.



As for the other font, I need something minimalistic yet “techy” (is that even a word?) to use to label my buttons. (LP,MP,HK etc) I realize that’s a little open-ended but I like hearing suggestions

More than anything I need the one from the character select screen. So if anyone has any insight please reply


Still need ideas for the 1st font

I’ve got the font I need for my buttons, but I still need one at least close to the one used at the vs screen.
I’ll show what I have so far


I’m hoping to use YinYang symbols on the buttons to mimic Juri’s eye.
They’ll be labeled LP,MP,HP,LK,MK,HK in a stylish manner, yet not so crazy you can’t see the symbols behind

Underneath the spider and buttons, along the bar I would like to have “Peteylicious” in the vs screen font or at least something close, so please if anyone knows of a font that’s at least somewhat close, please share.


you’ll probably have better luck asking in here http://www.shoryuken.com/forumdisplay.php?f=13