Looking for 360-> PS3 Modder for fightstick

I have a 360 fightstick and would like to dual mod it.
Can anyone provide their services in the San Diego area?

I’m the closest Modder to San Diego who can Dual Mod.
The closest known Modder anyways.

where are you located?

Westminster, Orange County. :sad:

My hometown is Torrance so I’ll let you know when I go home.
What parts do you need and how much time?

I don’t need any parts.
I have everything required for Dual Mod.
You just give me the money when I’m done.

I will finish in an hour.

Just contact me when you are ready.

Hey, man. I’ve been looking for modding service within the Orange County, so this is cool to know. Would you be able to dual mod a Wii fightstick with Xbox360?

I can.

James, why is your location so good? I’m so jealous. :sad:

West Coast is the Best Coast.
California is the coolest.

Geergia so dead. So many cheap non wanting mod people. Playing with pads. Yuck.

I wouldn’t be so poor if I had an operation like J&J :sad:

or weren’t down in shitsboro.

It also probably doesn’t help that you’re right smack in the middle of where Gummowned and I operate. :stuck_out_tongue: