Looking for 3d HDTV 47 inch or more with no input lag

Hey guys,

Just bought a 47 inch 3d Vizio and after changing all the setting messing around with everything the lag is terrible. Getting my ass kicked like no tomorrow… switched to my lg on my desktop and its perfect once again. So this puppy is going back to the store…pity seemed perfect except for the lag.

What’s a very good hdtv without lag with these features

-47 or more inches
-Passive 3d (no lame glasses hookup)
-Good 2d and 3d
-Good picture quality and contrast
-Web ready

Looking to spend around 1k. Also just moved around Denver, any retailers I should look at?

Any help would be appreciated!


What you’re asking for does not exist. Drop the 3D, forget the web connectivity, and settle with slightly less contrast and you’ll be able to find something more reasonable.

don’t think there exists any with less than 2frame input lag at those sizes

Thanks for the help guys… pity technology is still lacking for us fighting maniacs :frowning:

we’ll just have to wait for our CRT upgrades for 3DTV

(COMMON SOMEONE MAKE CRTS AGAIN, and i hope its lagless too)

I have a 34" CRT and let me tell you, as much as I love the picture quality, I dread moving days. It weights 200 lbs!!

its okay, you’ve earned every right to complain about something being laggy

This TV has everything you are looking for but i don’t know about lag on it. As far as I know I’ve never seen one tested.

this is a pretty good site I used when I decided on my 55"

Just a note on digital TV’s, if you can get into the service menu, you can often turn off any digital post processing that the TV does to the image. For example, post sharpening filters, deinterlacers, and so on.