Looking for 3s-Alex sprite


hey, i am looking for this alex sprite, can anyone tell me where to find it? thanks


It’s actually not a 3s sprite, it’s from Card Fighter’s Clash for NGPC.

Here’s where you can get all of them:



I have every single card from both games.

Here are all the Alex ones from both games.

P.S. If anyone wants any ask me.


thanks a lot guys…now i was just wondering if anyone can make an avatar for me with alex in it :slight_smile:

if anyone can do it, i will post the details here


I’ll do it.


hey, i like Tekuma’s avatar. i would like an avatar using the same Alex that he has, and have YPei glowing on the side in a neon greenish color. tekuma has his alex in black/red, i was wondering if you can make mines black/green. if you can’t, its alright. thanks a lot Darkgiygas, take your time. :smiley: