Looking for 3v3slash team member

atlanta is going to evo… but moonlessnight our 3rd player could not make it… so were looking for a good slash player to join… with us… we have a Ky(kombatfreak)
and a eddie(pimpjuice) so we don’t want to have another eddie or ky… but if you play anyone else and your good and you want a good team… Pm or post here… cya guys at evo

i’m looking for you, but nothing is turning up at the moment juicy ;-;

Also looking for a 3rd team member. Post or PM me if you’d like to be on Team Maryland with my bro and myself.

yo yo yo what it is!!! ill join someone team in ggslash…although ill tell you up front that i only played slash at evo i play gg x2…didnt see too much of a difference so i should…be straight…

Slash is definitely a bit different from X2 (especially X2). The differences between X2 and #R are strong enough and Slash is almost a different game from X2 with 2 new characters. The majority of the cast gets a new special move…recovery on moves has changed, new FRC’s (Ky has like 3 new FRC’s), Sol no longer has dust loops, FRC timings have changed on certain moves…it really is a whole different game but you won’t notice the differences until you really start to learn more about the game.

Let me know if you wanna hit up with my team. Just pay me 10 bucks at Evo and I’ll get you a badge. I’m not looking for somebody super good to give us a free ride to top 8. We’re all learning stuff about the game too so we’re just looking for someone who wants to be competitive and learn some new stuff at Evo. Who knows…we might actually get somewhere if we luck out. :lol:

Thanks, sucks our full team can’t make it… im gonna try to ask reakwon/issac…

cool man…sucks that i will be playin x2 style and people will be pullin out new stuff i havent seen and i wont know how to perform all the moves for my character. hopefully i can play it before the tourney

Well if that’s a yes I’ll look for you at Evo unless I can find somebody else (probably not but I’ll keep you posted).

its a yeah…btw it would help alot if i can crash on ur floor at evo (damn that sounds bad). This time around i wanna play more at the byob so im only gonna enter cvs2 3rdstirke and guiltygear

Sounds good. If you haven’t signed up already rememeber NOT to sign up for Guilty Gear Slash on the registration page. I’ve already paid for the team so just hook me up with 10 dolares at Evo and you’re set.

BTW I’m gonna send you a PM.

alright dude

If I get it hooked up I’ll let you know how much you’ll have to pay to stay in the room with us. :tup:

alright…just a reminder…i am sleepin on the floor so you cant split it like i have a bed…

I’m looking for a team. My second member apparently got rabies or something.

tantin I never heard of you… who do you play and are you good in slash…

I’ve never heard of me, either. It’s okay.

I play Anji, and I’m decent, I suppose.

Ok…Evo is in a few days, I already paid for registration for Slash on the evo site

We need one more player

I play Faust and I have been practicing a lot lately, practicing with some of Midwests best like AKA and 722 on a weekly basis.

My brother, Shohaib, has also been playin a lot lately, he plays slayer.

If you’re alone and need a team, please PM me or post up.

AKA told me about someone who lived in Seattle needing a team…


Cookies, eh? I’m down.