Looking for 4way/8way sticks with short throw that can fit into a fightstick


Been mucking around with my SE fightstick. Replaced all the buttons with Sanwa (definitely an upgrade, but very sensitive). Replaced the stick with a JLW (no, not a JLF, wanted the quick swapping between 4way and 8way…I’m more about classic arcade titles and shooters than fighting games). Been liking it a lot so far, but one thing that has become very obvious is that Pac-Man CE gets WAY faster/frantic than classic Pac-Man and while I feel that the JLW is a big upgrade over an 8-way stick for Pac-Man CE, it feels to have a lot more play than I’d prefer. I’m interesting in trying something with a really short throw. But what can I try with a short throw, that is convertible between 4way and 8way, that will fit in a fightstick? Drilling mounting holes is one thing, but there’s a whole depth issue that comes into play with a joystick controller as opposed to a cab.


Seimitsu LS-32.

I’m sure this could have been posted in an existing thread on the SE…



yeah you want an ls-32.


Thanks for the help. My bad for not posting in the other thread.


You have JLW US/Euro ver. aka J-stick (shaft 35mm) or original jap ver. JLW (shaft 27mm)?
LS32 has longer throw than JLW
j-stick has longer trow than LS32


Umm, I have whichever one LizardLick sells as JLW-UM-8. Do I have to take it apart to determine which it is?

The throw seems pretty large to me.