Looking for a 2.5MM headphone jack mount


Hey guys im trying to find a way to make a nice flush mount on a stick. Ive got one of the xbox boards and see that it has 4 wires for the mic port that could be extended and then maybe soldered on to one of these.

they come from here and it says 4 conductor so i think that is the right setup. just need to find which way to solder it.

but i see those other kind of sockets neutrik on lizard lick so i went to their site and they have some but not in a 2.5mm setup for the mic.


Neutrik - Audio - Jacks

has anyone put one of these on their stick before and do they have a specific recommendation because i cant seem to find many options for this kind of mounting but i have seen them before.


the first one posted should do the job fine, you just have to make sure you solder the right wires. I have it done on a madcatz 4716 pad.



Could you provide soldering instructions for that jack? I’m planning on adding a headset jack to my saulabi, so this is also pertinent to my interests.



Well I accomplished it through trial and error, using a multimeter, and a 2.5mm male > 3.5mm male cable (for test points)

I don’t know if I could give a proper layout, since every jack is different, but the four test points are in a rectangle on the underside of the controller (I assume that is universal).

I was going to make my own pics but there’s already a thread for it:

Some pics from the thread:



Thanks Threi…

The wiring part im not worried too much about. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any other type of mounting part other than just that one i listed above.

Im looking more for one like the second kinda that i can gently screw into the side


honestly you arent going to find much better than the first pic, believe me really search. because its so small AND there really isnt much of a market for it. nuetrik does not make 2.5mm connectors. so your stuck with either the model shown above, or a pcb mount connector. if i am wrong, please let me kno and i am currently looking for a better solution for this as well.


Any idea what the product name of this is? I’ve been looking for something exactly like that, but fear that once again the UK and Europe will have nothing.

Seriously - that thing looks ideal for dual mods that use 360 Fightpads.


the only other option for something more flush would be to mount that first adapter in the stick and run a female to male cable to it or you can use the Neutrik with a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter but i dont know how well that will work… so yeah that first one looks like your best option unless you want to start pulling apart old electronics to see if you cant scrounge a port from them…

he linked the site he got them from in the first post but ill relink it i guess HERE


Sorry - completely missed that link.