Looking for a 2-port VGA switch with 3.5mm audio


Hi all. I’ve been looking around for a decent VGA switch box to connect up my PS2 (using the XCM VGA box) and my Dreamcast. With the way my PC is set up, it’s hard to reach the back of my monitor to switch around cables so I’d prefer to have some sort of VGA switch that I can easily switch between PS2 input and Dreamcast input. Finding a VGA switch is very easy but I can’t seem to find one that takes in 3.5mm audio as well for each VGA input. I want to be able to hook up the audio from the XCM VGA box and Dreamcast VGA cable to it and then on the output end of the VGA switch, connect a cable to my speakers.

So can anyone recommend a good 2-port VGA switch box that also takes in 3.5mm audio?


Why don’t you just use RCA-3.5mm adapters?


I have one with 4 slots I don’t use anymore, not powered 100% passthrough.

Looks like this: http://www.china-maituo.com/en/product_view.asp?id=2100


I was using this before to hook up a pair of old PC’s. It’s a KVM switch but it should probably do what you want it to do?


I thought XCM VGA box has 3.5mm in and 3.5mm out for both its VGA ports (IN and OUT)?

Which model did you buy (silver-y or see-through)?

Or just get a cheap AV switch box, e.g. :http://www.ebay.ie/itm/4-Port-Input-1-Output-Audio-Video-AV-RCA-Switch-Switcher-Selector-Box-New-/370634804691?pt=UK_Computing_Sound_Vision_Video_Cables_Adapters&hash=item564b8e4dd3#ht_4879wt_841
Avoid the plastic ones (they’re all shit) and avoid going to Maplins (they’re the same products as eBay but with 400% mark-up).