Looking for a 3.5 drive BEZEL

On my old computer, I took a 3.5 tray bezel and cut out spaces for two PS2 converters. It worked really well.

But now I have a new computer… I cant use the bezel I had with the old computer because that bezel was designed specifically for that chassis, it doesnt have any way to screw into a standard 3.5 slot much like a floppy/zip drive would. Not to mention my new computer is black, not silver.

So what I am looking for is a black universal 3.5 bezel that I could buy and install in any 3.5 floppy/zip slot. Does anyone know where I could buy one? Preferably something made from a maleable material like plastic. This is where I plan on installing it, as you can see, its a standard Floppy tray.

This is what the old bezel looked like.

That… is a really awesome idea.

Any half decent computer shop should have what you’re after. You will have to chop it up though to make the ports fit.

Sadly… I cant find any online stores that have it.

They have bezels for SPECIFIC computer cases, but no universal trays.

That floppy tray looks like it fits into a 5.25" drive bay. If that’s the case, could you get something like this:


take out the drawer and mount the whole thing backwards. It would be black and give you a clean flat surface to cut out for the adapters to come through. You would probably have to predrill a couple tiny holes to really mount it firmly but its just plastic so that would only take a second.

I don’t know how thick the back is though. But it’s the only thing I’ve seen online for it.

At local stores I’ve seen simple trays for putting a 3.5" HD in a 5.25" bay that include a black or beige bezel on the front. That would be the best bet. They are really cheap, but I don’t think I’ve seen any online.

Edit: Almost forgot, Awesome idea. I want this on my comp now too.

That’s a brilliant idea !!

Great thinking Jaxel, mind if I borrow your idea and I apply that to my own PC??

Well I ended up not being able to find what I needed… so I spent time and cut the aluminum 3.5 bezel designed specifically for my case. It was a lot harder than it would have been if I found some plastic bezel, too bad I guess. Anyway… it turned out good! I connected them using the front-panel USB connectors that were on my motherboard. My MOBO had 4 front-panel USB ports, but my case only uses 2 (I dont know of many cases that use all 4)… so I used the extra 2 and plugged those into the Playstation ports.

That is sick man, a couple questions though. What converters are you using for the silver case? I see radioshack on the newer one, and how are the Lian Li cases? I was looking at them but thinking of skipping them cause they seemed like a chinese knock off brand.

Plugging a Playstation 2 controller into a personal computer tower?! Balderdash!

Yeah, badass and functional concept you have there. I would do the same for my PC, minus the fact that my PS2 adapter died on me >:

What I’ve heard of Lian Li cases are primarily positive. Though they lack most of the “yurdurrrrr bling” Cooler Master or Thermaltake cases have, Lian Li cases are primarily known for their excellent PC internal airflow. Also, fish tank.

The converters I used for the silver case are from here:

Lian Li cases are really nice, but also really expensive. I normally wouldn’t get a Lian Li simply because of the outrageous price, but the fact that they are both functial and have good design… WITHOUT all that stupid ass “bling” you see on CoolerMaster or Thermaltake cases… is what made me choose the Lian Li.

I reckon it looks better the way you did it (with the metal plate), than if you used a plastic one.

Just got this thing in me head that if you used plastic, it would’ve looked funny.

Good work!

That looks amazing. A great mod to a great case.

It’s sold out, but I’m guessing no lag on those converters?

Zero… the Adaptor 5 converters are regarded as the best computer converters available.

I sent you the wrong link before… that was to the adaptor 4… here is the right link…


no their not (The Super Joybox 3 and the Pelican one are) but it doesn’t really matter as long as it does not have any lag and fit in the bezel.

These radioshack converters are kinda buggy… sometimes when I plug a control into the port, my monitor turns off and the only way to turn it back on is to restart my machine…

Well the radioshack converters are working fine now… they are no longer turning off my monitor. i didn’t do anything to fix them, they are just working now…

@EvilSamurai, you realise that the Pelican converters, while AWESOME for the PS3 are absolutely horrible for the PC? In the Pelican converters, the D-Pad and the left Analogue Stick are tied together; instead of being seperate as you would get with any standard PC converter. Having them together is fine if you are playing fighting games; but if you are playing PC RPGs like FFXI, Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey or any other types of games liek those; you NEED them to be seperate.

thanks. You should post that info in the converter thread. It’s not really a big deal for me as for 3d games console-type games (mainly emulated ps1 stuff) I just use a wired Xbox 360 pad with the d pad modded.

…Why would you be using a controller to play The Longest Journey? It’s an awesome game but it’s entirely point-and-click. Using anything but a mouse makes no sense.

Well I was using a controller to play the Longest Journey 2…