Looking for a .5mm oversized JLF actuator

If anyone has a .5mm oversized actuator for a JLF and is willing to let it go, please send me a PM. At this point I dont really care if it is plastic or aluminum. Thanks in advance.


Ya. I know about them but they are out of stock…

Paradise arcade shop are the only ones who sell the oversized actuators.
it is one of their shops exclusives. You going to have to wait till they restock.

Message the shop owners they are very very good about communicating with their customers and doing whatever they can to help you out (with in reason of course).

I have asked about them on the PAS thread and Armi said something about delrin actuators but I haven’t been able to find them on the site. Still waiting for follow up. I was hoping someone bought the whole aluminum set and was willing to let go of the .5mm.

I have one I use infrequently enough that I can wait for the next run.

If you would be willing to let it go please PM me and we can hash out the details. Thanks in advance.

Mission accomplished thanks to @UncleGary Please close thread.

We do not do that kind of thing here.

@Darksakul - Noted