Looking for a Adon Trainer



Don’t get me wrong my Adon is quite advanced. I just need some suggestions towards match ups, BnBs, & Block strings. & Some one to review what I’m doing wrong.


not trying to be cheeky but, would it not be better to learn yourself, a feel as if my adon game is alot better because i learned myself.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Listen to what that guy told ya. Its much better to learn by yourself, but I’ll be happy to show you some of the matchup strategies I use


cheers buddy, saying that it does help playing other peoples characters alot to learn the match up if thats what you mean hiiigh guy


Yeah, I know it helps to learn on your own. & I have. I’ve gotten myself over 5,000bp & 2000pp with him. But sometimes it doesn’t seem to be enough. I’ve been working on getting my IAJK’s down. & Learning some of the match ups. But I’m just looking for someone to criticize what I’m doing wrong.


well if its honestly just that you can judge ya self by just watchin replays. Look at your loses and point out what you could have done to win the whole match or what links you drop continuously


Hey man, you can add me on xbl and we can play a couple of games if you’d like and I can give you my opinion. For good or bad, if that’s what you’re looking for I’m willin to help :tup: