Looking for a Akuma/Juri tutor (SFxTK)


Hi. I’ve been playing Street Fighter for about a year now but only just casually but I really want to get better now. I bought SFxTK a few days ago and started to main Akuma and Juri and i’ve learn’t one of Akuma’s BnBs but know no others. Also i’m really struggling in using these combo’s in a fight. I can do them easy in practice mode but when it comes to an actual fight I find it hard to know the right time to use these combos. I want to learn some more combos but I find it a lot easier if I can see someone do it first so a tutor would help me a lot. I learn fast I just need someone to show me what to do. Thanks in advanced.


Have you tried reading threads in the character specific sections for this game?


For Juri videos and tutorials, you may go here:

For an Akuma video tutorial regarding vortexes, you may go here:

If your interested in some actual matches, I use Juri and recorded some of my matches on my channel, which you can access by clicking my signature below. I’m not that competent as a Juri player, but at least it should give you a rough idea on how to use her in a match.


Yeah Akuma’s is great but in Juri’s it’s alot harder for me to find combo’s and I don’t always know if i’m doing them right because people don’t specify the damage, hits and percentage. But like I said if I had a tutor I could see the execution know if i’m doing it right.


Thanks I didn’t notice these Juri video’s. I thought vortex wasn’t as good in sfxt because of roll? Also I have know idea what he’s pressing in this video.


That shit’s awful lol. Don’t link him day 1 shenanigans that are everything but a decent vortex.


Oops, sorry. XD

Maybe this one’s better?


And this one’s much newer.



Thanks :slight_smile: The combo vid is cool but how do I know what commands he’s entering? Do I have to work it out? I don’t know the game that well


Akuma in SFxT is almost the same to the SSF4 version, so I guess the best thing you could do is to learn the individual moves of your characters first before trying those combos.

Let me try deciphering some of the combos.

  1. j.lk, cr.mp, cr.mp, cr.mk, hk.tatsu, taunt
  2. j.hk, st.hk, cr.lp, lk.tatsu, hp.goshoryu, taunt
  3. j.hp, st.lp, EXtatsu, st.lp, EXgohadou, cr.lk, EXtatsu
  4. cr.lk, st.mk, Misogi

That’s as far as I could go. Just watch them and you’ll eventually figure them out. Try doing simple 2-hit combos, and then extend them to 3-hits, and so on. It also helps to do the trials for every character. :slight_smile:


Yeah I know all his move’s it’s just my execution. I’m doing Akuma’s trials now. Thanks you were a lot of help :slight_smile: