Looking for a bit of help!


Ok, so i had found myself an arcade stick today at my local flea market.
it’s custom built and appears to be for a 360 as it has a 360 guide button.
so when i got home to test it out, it didn’t work, so i looked for a sync button remembering that you have to do that on 360 controllers.
it has no usb cable to hook to the system, which is a bummer (makes things easier for me) and i thought made the batteries were dead.

so after opening it up and swapping them with working ones, i began to look again for a sync button, which there isn’t one that i can see.
i took some pictures of the insides and the controller’s circuit board that i’ll post. i have ZERO experience with this stuff, so any help at all is good.
i have a feeling that this will either be not salvageable or require a lot of time and money put into it.




Can you get a picture of the other side of the pcb? Do you see any words on the pcb? Also, try holding down the home button for a few seconds after pressing sync on the console. Are the lights at least coming on?


knew i shoulda taken a pic of the other side and im too lazy to take it apart again right now.
ill do it in a little while, gonna eat.

would you want any other pics, anything closer to the wires or anything? kinda want to take as many pics as i can before i close it up again.
thought it was weird too to find the board in a little plastic baggy. i would think that isn’t normal.


it looks like the stick was built by someone who frequents M.A.M.E. forum boards, which is not a bad thing but MAME enthusiast have a particular style to their sticks which include but not limited to American style parts and the heavy use of computer connectors.

Is there a area on the PCB for a guide button, it should have LEDS at each corner of this button contact , if that PCB is a Xbox 360 PCB.

That black box with the red and wires coming out might be a radio shack battery box, you might want to check that out.


the black box is indeed for batteries. i swapped them out for new ones, took 2 AA.
im wondering though, would it be as simple as gutting a wired 360 gamestop controller and soldering the wires?
i probably won’t be the one to do it, but i just don’t feel like spending more money when everything is pretty much all done.


Yes, you could replace the PCB with a wired controller, or even with a PS360+, but I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. Did you get pictures of the other side?