Looking for a Blanka Main to Spar With


I have XBL as well but I never get on there, so PC players only please.

I play Akuma almost exclusively, but I go for Boxer occasionally.

Midwest USA area, steady fixed 60 FPS.

Post your GFWL if you’d like to go a few matches. =]

I’m also looking for Blanka players to play with so I can learn the match up better.

This is the 3rd time in a row where I’ve come so close to winning 30+ man tournaments, only to get beat out by a blanka player. I really need to learn this match up.

Sagats, Ryus, Boxers, no problem for my Guile.


Frustration city.

Warning: It may be a tad laggy because I’m from Guam. Don’t be surprised if you see 2 bars. I’d still really appreciate the help though :smiley:

So you mean Blanka Players are actually winning somewhere ?:sweat:

I main Blanka, and I’d like to play you :slight_smile:
I’m in Brazil and dunno if all that lag will let we play properly… lol
but if wanna try, add me on PSN: seilaoque_vs

I’m not a top player or anything, but I think I can hold on pretty well

I main Blanka. Not a “top” player by any means, but always looking for practice.

I’m on PC. GFWL: Synozeer

exWHYzee is my psn

not great either but can hold my own im in the states

im always up to better my blanka! i accept all challenges…im on XBL Somnusreloaded, my championship rank is G2-A if ne1 wants to find me :smiley:

Sorry to all the PS3/GFWL players. I only have SF4 for the 360. You live players I’ll hit you up next time I go on.

see sig, I main Blanka

Been playing blanka as main since SF II still playing him as main AD me on XBL CHRISfromOHIO

<----Jimmy is mah homeboy…hit me up

please hit me up…man,i want to improve my blanka…Fatboi ELMO

So, for some reason I have PC version now. My name is


of course.

Add me and let me know you’re from SRK Blanka Forums or wherever!

I’ll be adding some of you’s on PC and XBL. I main abel and almost always lose to Blanka.

I have been maining Blanka since I started SFII in 92, but I had a LONG hiatus between SFII:CE and SFIV. Anyway, add me on XBL anyone who wants to practice… especially any of the following which I have a hard time with: Boxer, Zangief, E. Honda, Bison, Dhalsim, Seth, Guile.