Looking for a camera for Evo


Basically, the camera needs to be point and shoot, take decent still pictures, and record video in H.264 (at least 640x480 @ 30fps). I’ve been looking and I can’t seem to find any cameras that do H.264 that don’t take shitty stills. I’m not looking for anything amazing, just not grainy, super noise-reduced pictures.


EOS Rebel T2i … takes good pix and good hd vdz…


Would be nice, but it’s a DSLR and not a point and shoot (want something small). It’s also way out of my price range.


all point and shoot do video
even the iphone does video

if you want quality you have to spend the money


Price range?


you could buy a cheap good point and shoot, and a cheap good camcorder… so you could record AND take picture. if you can hunt one down, the cannon A590 takes great pics, and the video isnt terrible (but its SD, 640x480 at 30fps i think). it’ll probably only run you a bit over 100$


The Flips are a decent choice if you really just want to point and shoot. I think the different models of the Flip varies on how much internal storage.

If you’re like me and want something more then the Kodak Zi8 is a great choice. Shoots up to full 1080p and has expandable SD/SDHC card slot. Im actually interested in the filming industry and eventually want the really high end cameras but the Zi8 is great for what I’m doing now.

If you’re really interested in filming I say go all out and get the EOS Rebel T2i. An amazing camera for both photography and filming, 18 megapixels and shoots up to full 1080p.


My price range would be something under $350. Kodak Zi8 sounds pretty good, how are the still pictures? EOS Rebel T2i is only a dream for me with how expensive it is.


The Zi8 takes 5 MP 16:9 widescreen HD still pictures. Not that bad in my opinion, but Im more interested on the filming capabilities. Camera is definitely within your price range. According to Kodak’s website they’re selling it for $149.99 (http://store.kodak.com/store/ekconsus/en_US/pd/Zi8_Pocket_Video_Camera/productID.156585800)

I know BestBuy has a package deal for the Zi8. Comes with a small tripod, 4 gig memory stick, carrying pouch, and the Zi8. Get this ASAP if you really want the Zi8 - looks like they’re selling out fast on this deal.(http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Kodak+Zi8+Black+Video+Camera+with+Case%2C+Tripod+and+Memory+Card/9999133100050000.p?id=pcmprd133100050000&skuId=9999133100050000)

Also try your local Fry’s Electronics, I havent found anything online, but there might be something in store. If your area has a small store dedicated to cameras check that out too. My buddy got his T2i from a small camera store. He got lens,a carrying case, and the T2i for about $900-1,000. Sadly, he almost lost it while at a gameworks (No one was really sober when this happened).


Does anyone have a Sanyo Xacti? I’ve been looking at them and everything but the image stabilization looks good.


I think the best way to is to watch videos on reviews, unboxing, and test videos on both brands on youtube.

But to me, it appears that Sanyo just has better zoom capabilities than the Zi8. However different brands offer different specifications. For example Sanyo has waterproof cameras which is a great feature when we drop our expensive equipment into a pool of water by accident. Zi8 doesnt but it does offer a port for an external stereo mic. If one does invest into an external mic, you’ll be saving yourself some money by having great quality footage and sound for less than $350.

In the end, its your choice Espiochamaeleo, but I do hope i have helped you in some way.


I JUST got an Xacti HD2000a but havent had a chance to mess around with it.


I settled on getting a Canon Powershot SD940. I really wanted a camera for pictures more than video, but it does 720p@30fps, which is good enough for recording match videos. After looking into the EOS Rebel T2i, I think I’m going to save up for that or try to find a reasonably priced used one in the future, though.

Now how about a good folding tripod?


Good luck there, seems like the T2’s price is either the same as retail or above on ebay. Funny enough I just bought one from Amazon . Anyway I recently got a Powershot sd780 IS refurb and you know looking up the specs it does what you want and the picture quality is pretty good for a point and shoot.


Yeah I have a Canon SD780IS. The quality is good but you need to use the flash if it’s not in good light. Video it records 640x480 and 720p and you don’t really need to record 720p for match videos, you can do it 640x480 and it will be just fine, but you want to record match videos direct record. Don’t record them with a camera on a tri pod. It’s going for under $200 on amazon and you should check it out. The S90 is an upgrade to the SD780 but it’s around $350.


I have the SD780IS as well. I think the picture quality is quite noisy, you need really good lighting to take decent pictures like Canto said above. (I also prefer not to use flash either).


I know most point and shoots only achieve decent quality photos and I don’t want to get something to directly record match videos when I also want a camera to take pictures. As long as people can tell what’s going on, the quality’s not a big deal. Hopefully the T3i will come out eventually and the T2i price will drop.


T2i is an amazing camera nonetheless. As for tripods, I cant really say, all the ones I’ve had did its job. For Evo you could go on the shorter side, its not like we’re at Disneyworld and want to record all 30 minutes of a parade. Or just shell out for the really fancy professional tripods.