Looking for a character matchup/ranking chart

Curious to know if there is a character matchup ranking chart anywhere online? Is there any chance the 3S bible has one?

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I was just about to start this same topic. With 3rd being re-released on PS2, more people will play with the game. Because it doesn’t have coverage in the US like MVC2 does, the chance for bad information to be disseminated is much higher.
If someone knows matchups or has a link to a matchup site, please post it.

Actually a sticky of one would be good.

You mean this?


I’m looking more for an actual chart, like in the back of the SFA2 book from Versus.

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I’m talking about the kind they did for Soul Calibur, with numbers based off of 10 matches. A grid. “X has an advantage over Y” isn’t very clear.

Yes, that’s basically the same thing that I’m looking for.

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there’s nothing concrete in 3S because of its game mechanics

It’s pretty old, but…



that chart is pretty bad…:lol:

Some match-ups are way off, but that’s pretty easy to say a year and a half later… I give them credit for trying at least, rating all the match-ups in the game is not an easy task.

is Ryu vs Ryu a 50/50 match up?

Well, since that chart is apparently off. Can somebody give me a more recent update on the matchup rankings for

Urien vs Dudley
Urien vs Alex
Urien vs Ken

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urien vs dudley: 4-6 (dudley has a better ground game)
urien vs alex: 8-2 (alex doesn’t have any ground nor air game)
urien vs ken: 5-5 (depends on who is more reckless)

:eek: Wow, last time I saw a ranking, (it was almost a year ago) Alex spanked Urien. He just about out prioritized everything. And Urien waking up sucked, cuz Alex had good mixups that Urien (lacking a good wake up reversal type move) found him self at the short end of that stick alot. Alex Knee xx chop stops headbutt wake up cold. Well time powerbomb is the biggest fear for most Urien players. There’s a hell of a lot more to it than that, I just dont’ feel like bringing it all to the table right now. I’m about to leave somewhere, maybe later. Heh, something has obviously changed, that I missed in the past year. I find my self getting frustrated by Alex players, even if they don’t really know what they are doing. I seem to get out poked by priority, more so than when I fight Chunli.

Please, if you have time, break this matchup down for me. Almost everybody I talk to, says Alex is bad matchup for Urien. I, through experience, came to that conclusion myself. So, apparently, I am missing something here. :frowning:

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well, this is strictly based on my own theory fighter…

with the light of unblockables and charge partitioning, urien has obviously become much more of a menace.

to me, alex is the one that has to attack in this game. there’s a certain trait of a matchup that decides who attacks and who defends. alex seems the one to attack, while urien will defend. with that in mind, a good urien will never let alex come near him. his pokes are much better than alex’s (remember, these are high level player) – if by some chance alex does knock urien down, urien has EX aegis to push alex out again. now looking at urien, he can make alex go into defense if he so wishes because of aegis tactics…

but i don’t really play urien. this is just from videos and my thoughts on the characters in general. maybe another urien player might tell it like it is. :smiley:


there are no match ups in 3s, just parry super!

Urien vs Alex is certainly not 8-2 for 2 big reason’s: Urien’s main goal is to play keepaway from alex, cause if alex knocks urien down and gets to stand over him while he’s getting up, GGPO urien. Second, alex doesn’t juggle right for a lot of urien’s juggles.

see? theory fighter is AWESOME!

That wasn’t theory fighter.

hell… smoking frame data sheets is bad for health, do you know?

it’s a 5-5 imho, if not 4-6.

Urien gets outprioritized, and can’t deal quick damage to Alex due to his goos stamina AND poor jugglability.

It’s a weird match… when Urien has meter and is in aposition to some Aegis lockdown Alex can’t do much, but in all the other instances Alex has a distinct advantage