Looking for a character with exciting combos


Hey guys. I’m looking to pick up a new character, not to take completely seriously but just to have some fun with. I really want to learn someone flashy but i’m not sure who to pick up. I think Guy has some pretty cool stuff but i’m not sure. The only characters i wont consider are Seth because he is stupid and Ibuki because i’m not Sako :smiley:

Appreciate everyones opinion and thanks again guys



Oh god i forgot all about her xD How hard are her links though? i’ve never tried to do her tatsu loops but they cant be THAT bad since she can link the fierce punch, not sure about the frame data. Im gonna check some stuff out right now


Relieved the Ibuki reason isn’t the Seth reason lol.

Good call, Sakura is a lot of fun and she hurts. Links can be tight but with practice…


Haha they’re one frame links, but they aren’t too bad if you can plink. But once you can hit your combos consistently, it’s sooooo satisfying.


I’d love to use her if i could because i think the character is awesome, She def has some cheap stuff but people over react a little bit with her in this game :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea i figured if you use fierce punch they’re one frame, But can’t you link her low forward instead to sacrifice damage for a little easier combo? not sure haha


Why can you combo off a counter hit overhead! That’s so cheap xD


Not sure, but these are the main combos you should use with her. Forgive me if I have any typos in the notation, I’m on my phone.

Cr lk, cr lp, cr mk xx dp

Cr lk, cr lp, cr hp xx ex tatsu, sweep (or other oki ender of choice)

St hp xx lk tatsu, cr hp (one frame link) xx ex tatsu, sweep (or other oki ender of choice)
This combo can be extended after the cr hp with another lk tatsu, St lk, ex tatsu.


Thanks was just looking for there in the character thread haha!



Seth has the most creative combo potential in the game. a very fun character with all kinds of stylish combos. It’s a shame you’re passing on him for trivial reasons.


I was using a little E.Ryu and like him a lot too theres just some things that i dont like.

And sorry i’m just not scummy enough to use seth, i cant stand the way he is played haha


Seth is a douche


Guile. One of the most technically challenging characters in the game. His full combo potential has yet to be unlocked. Level of difficulty = Extremely high.


aint nothin flashier than a shoryuken made of fire


veiled pick my character topic
ibuki and vergil users complaining about “scummy” or “cheap” shit? please quit fighting games if you aren’t giving free money away at locals


yun for his genei jin super


Dudley for sure


Gen if you dare