Looking for a cheap first arcade stick

I’m looking to buy my first arcade stick and want to buy a cheaper model. I’ve been looking around for cheap models that have good reviews and found two sticks that I think might be right for me. I do not really know much of the technical things behind these two sticks so I was wondering if anyone could tell me which one would be a better start or if you know any other cheap fighting stick better than these two.

PS3 Fighting stick V3

Mayflash Universal Fighting Stick

Cheapest you’ll find is a Madcatz SE Fightstick for $60. Though I wouldn’t exactly advise getting it due to the parts becoming close to obsolete in use in about half a year. Try a HORI fightstick. It’s 10-20 bucks more expensive, but it will endure more wear and tear.

Some links to arcade stick thread that can help you out…

Whatever you do stay away from that Mayflash, worst Arcade stick I’ve ever owned.

Short answer. Get either a Hori HRAP or a Madcatz SE. Both are cheap, quality sticks, that are easy to mod and can use high quality parts for the future if you want to get really serious.

Madcatz WWE Brawl Stick. Equivalent to the SE except it can be bought brand new at stores and has better parts (buttons, improved pcb). I modded mine with sanwa parts and I love it. Its my first fight stick and will probably be my only fight stick. $60 brand new at gamestop online or in-store. I traded in some old games when I got mine and only paid $10.

When I was looking for my first stick, my friend recommended me to buy a cheap stick and sanwa-parts and learn some modding. I think I don’t want to dedicate THAT much.

Instead, I bought TE R2. Not dedicated at all. Not at all. :smiley:

Oh and check for TheHut and Zavvi for example. They offered Hori VX SA for 10 pounds once. O_o I wish I was fast enough to notice it…

Think of it this way, go with a good stick 1st and save the money of buying a new one when the cheap one breaks(and they do break). Its like 1/2 price then.

A cheap stick, with great parts, is still cheaper than a really good stick. And any stick is repairable, and quite easy to do so in the hands of anyone who is capable of remembering which way to turn a fastener to tighten or loosen it.

Sure its easy, but if you are able to - just spend a bit more and save your time of having to repair anything.

herp derp. spending $40 on parts and wasting an hour of my time installing them is still cheaper than spending $150 for a TE.

Everyone values their time differently, but if it takes just an hour, and you enjoy doing it, then I would go that route too.:slight_smile:

True, however the OP is looking for a cheap arcade stick…which I take it to imply that they’re trying to buy a stick on a budget. Usually time spent = $$$ saved. And it takes less than an hour to do any basic mod on a stick, bar having to do any soldering (which is rarely required)

Also, what if they decide that fighting games is no longer their thing? Then they can just sell the stick without having invested too much money into it in the first place. On the flip side, what if they really love this and they’re going to do it for at least a few more years? Then you can buy $40 worth of parts, and tada, you have a top-grade stick ready for serious competition.

Remember that low price does not necessarily mean value.

As far as modding or not goes, it depends if its worth it TO YOU or not. I didn’t build my custom sticks to save money, its because I enjoyed building them; but some people don’t have that interest.

If you are into modding get a Hori V3 Fight Stick or a Mad Catz SE/Brawl Stick. These have cheap knockoff joysticks and buttons that you can replace with real Sanwa parts later. If you get serious about fighting games you will need to upgrade the stick and buttons, believe me. As TheBlackHombre pointed out, the Brawl Stick is exactly the same as the Mad Catz SE, but its more available right now. The only difference is the stupid artwork, which you can replace with your own.

If you’re not into modding get a Hori RAP V3 SA or a Mad Catz TE. These are much more expensive, but they come with real Sanwa parts already installed. Also it should be noted that a bigger, nicer case is an advantage in itself.

The other thing you need to plan for is replacing the PCB. Once you get used to a fight stick, you’re not going to be able to stand using a game pad for fighting games or shmups or any other arcade style games. You’re going to want to be able to plug your stick into all your other systems, not just your PS3.

If you replace your stock PCB with an MC Cthulhu, you can use your stick with all these systems:
Gamecube - this also means any Wii game that’s compatible with Gamecube controllers
Super Nintendo

The only problem is that the MC Cthulhu doesn’t work with Xbox 360, so if there’s any chance you’ll ever get one you should actually a stick that’s made for 360 (Hori VX Fighting Stick/Hori RAP VX SA or Mad Catz TE/SE/Brawl 360 version). This way you can ADD the MC Cthulhu to the stock PCB, that way it works with both 360 and the MC Cthulhu consoles. If you’re not into modding, you can find someone on this site who can install an MC Cthulhu for you.

More info on the MC Cthulhu here:

ONE MORE THING! If you DON’T need 360 support, I might be able to sell you a Hori RAP VX SA with an MC Cthulhu in it (remember it will work with all the systems on the list, but not 360).