Looking for a Chun teacher



Hi I’m muzu and I’m looking for someone who has an excellent chun and is willing to teach someone eager to learn her. I main Guile who’s a C+ with 3000+ pts, I’ve always liked chun but was always intimidated to pick her up. I use the tekken arcade stick until I have the money for a better one. So if anyone game hit me up on XBL my GT is muzukashii. I look forward to some replies.


lol I picked up Chun li when I saw a video of Haneyama. He is the one who inspired me. I’ve always been intimidated to play C. Viper lol. But it kinda seems too late for me to try and learn her, I’ve put too much time and effort into Chun li.


i am a balrog main, and i picked up chun when i saw the la riots videos of shizza. (just giving u suggestions to learn off of on youtube)


Hey guys thanks for the tips. I went into practice mode and tried what saw and I’m starting to the hang of her but still got a loooooog way to go.


Just keep practicing.

I played chun mostly in vanilla (i am a scrub though, not trying to sound like an SRK’er), and thought about switching to Juri or Deejay in super, but I just feel so much more comfortable with Chun.

The best thing about her is that you don’t need to use all of her moves to be able to win matches. What this means (for me at least) is that I have been able to build my game better. I started with the BnB (c.lk, c.lk, ex legs), her target combo, and kikoken. Slowly I have been adding more moves to my repitoire…now I tack on some cr.lp’s before the BnB, I use hazanhsu, upkicks, her air grab, her crossup, and i love that HK button…

Specifically what helped was incorporating those moves into my game slowly and ONE BY ONE. Once I was automatically thinking to use those moves in certain situations instead of looking for opportunities for them, it was time to learn a new trick.

Hope this works for you! Chun is awesome.

Edit: Examples of some moves I still don’t use yet…someone let me know if i’m an idiot haha: her head stomps (can’t connect these), ex hazanshu, her super, and anything to do with FADC


Thanks nerogk, ive been using that bnb combo too, since ive seen Haneyama and Shizza use it. ive already beat a B ryu, ken, and ibuki lol. Though i know my chun needs a lot of work. I think my biggest problem though is using an arcade stick i feel like such a noob doing the motions for ultra two, though i know itll come to me soon. thanks for the advice. BTW do you have a 360 for some friendly matches?


Nah sorry I’m a ps3 user and you probably wouldn’t learn anything from me anyways. I have like 2000+ BP on chun, but have never made it over 1000 PP…i lose to rushdown and scrub tactics.

I’m really bad at the U2 quarter circles as well since I don’t use those characters much. I can pull it off reliably after a dash though (like after a focus crumple). After whiffing most of the time online though, I decided to go back to U1.

(using a HORI HRAP3 with seimitsu buttons)


i got 2 videos u can look at my chun li this isnt at my best effort but ill upload one sometime next week



tell me wat u think


and can someone tell me wat FADC is?


It’s Focus Attack Dash Cancel


I saw your vids, you got a pretty decent chun. I liked how you totally punished that ryu.


wat can i do to better myself?


I just left some comments on your videos. My Youtube account is Darkhokage (I’ve been using it for awhile and thats when I liked Naruto, which was in like 4 years ago lol)


Just work your combos and links plus pick better timing to use your ultra. Idk if you’re like me but in some cases I get too antsy and make some mistakes, slow it down and assess the situation you’re in. Other than that you’re good to go I think.


^^ thnx


no problem dude.