Looking for a Custom Gamepad for Xbox 360


Hey guys first time poster here, I apologize in advance for any noobish acts i do while posting this question:

I am looking for someone that can make me a Custom Gamepad for the Xbox 360 for Capcom’s upcoming game Mavel vs. Capcom 3. I have been a huge PC fighter ever since Melty Blood first came out on PC. However the best Gamepad Controllers i can find do not work on 360. If someone could make me a similar one or mod one to work on 360, that would be a huge help for me.

Gamepads i use:
Saitek P220 Digital PC Game Pad
Link: Amazon.com: Saitek P220 Digital PC Game Pad: Electronics
Logitech Wingman Gamepad Extreme
Link: Amazon.com: Logitech Wingman Gamepad Extreme: Electronics
Saitek P2500 Rumble Force PC Game Pad
Link: Amazon.com: Saitek P2500 Rumble Force PC Game Pad: Electronics

I really enjoy these pads because they have really big D-Pads that are concaved and that goes great with my large thumbs. Plus they have the 6 button layout and no analog sticks (except for the Saitek but i deal with it). And before you ask i have played with the Current 360 pads that are on the market(Both official and third Party) but they brake so easily and the buttons become unresponsive very quickly (except for the Hori EX2, but that pad has way too much stuff on it). Plus the D-pads are not concaved or padded which leads to very bruised thumbs after hours of gaming. Also yes i have tried using arcade sticks (i have 3) but i just can’t make the change and believe me i gave the arcade sticks a honest try.

So if anyone could mod or create a Gamepad for me for Xbox 360, i will be in your debt and of course I will reward you handsomely. :tup:


What about the 360 SF4 pads? Are those to your liking? If so, I know for a fact that any 360 PCB works perfectly with PCs. If you want, don’t bother looking for a PC pad (the ones you showed look TERRIBLE in my opinion), but look for 360 pads. All 360 pads work with PCs at Microsoft’s command.


I have tried the 360 SF4 pads (I have 2) but like i mention they brake easily and the buttons become unresponsive. Also the D-pad are not concaved. I would prefer not using the Xbox 360 pad because they don’t have the 6 button layout and the D-pad is too small for me.

Edit: the 360 SF4 pad would be perfect if it wasn’t so cheaply made and if the D-pad was Concaved.


Buy a stick. I went from the fightpad to a stick and it felt great because the ball felt good on my hand. I transitioned well.


like i mentioned i just cant make the transfer to Stick, I have tried every kind of hand position, hours of practice mode with all different kinds of fighters (SF, Tekken, MvC, CvS, etc), big sticks/little sticks, playing crossed handed…it just does not feel right and i can pull off moves with much more success on pad. No hating to Stick players its just not my bag.


See you only played hours, I couldn’t make switch to stick in a few hours also. It took me weeks to finally nail the proper combos. Maybe I can go to pad, but if you find one, let me know. I wanted to purchase one of those SF4 pads but if you say they suck, then I wont even bother.

EDIT- I just saw this on a google search

See if you like that


If I were you, I’d give joystick another shot. It’s going to take more than hours to transition.


Sorry u guys, what I meant is I’ve spent years trying to get use to stick (ever since Dead or Live 4 came out). Of course I have gotten better at stick but I never feel natural when using stick. Unlike with pad I always feel like am in complete control. I blame my alpha 3 days on ps1 playing nothing but playstion controller and still being able to beat shin akuma in world tour. Anyway ill check out the horn ex 2 and get back to ya. I just wish the SF4pad was made better then I wouldn’t have a problem.


If you find a good pad for low cost, let me know. I am looking for something for my brother for 2P side when we play, who knows, he might use it as his main controller instead of using my stick.


This would probably be a topic for Tech Talk. The two people I’ve seen modding pads are Gummowned and Phreakazoid. Tho, they were 360 pads, dual modded to work on PS3. The tricky part will be finding a 360 pcb that will fit inside those pads. Only one I’ve seen that might work is the pcb from the madcatz fightsticks. The pcb in the fightpad is what is usually used to mod a stick to work with 360, but I don’t see that fitting. Maybe if it can be cut.

I have heard that those hori pads are nice. You definitely should check them out as a mod like you’re talking about may be difficult.


I would suggest trying a stick again. It does take some time, but now I can’t go back.

If that’s not an option, this controller is coming out sometime in the near future and the dpad on it looks pretty badass (among other things):

The Razer Onza May Make You Replace Your 360 Controller For Good | GamerFront


I was looking at that Razer, it looks real nice, but it would be nice if it had the face buttons as all 6. I hate roundhouse/fierce on the back.


Yup. Or the trading outlet. The newbie dojo is supposed to be for gameplay/new to the game questions, hence everyone telling you to practice more.

I should add though, this is one of the benefits of playing stick. With every console generation, you get new generations of pads. They all have their own feel. If you get used to stick once, you never have to make the adjustment to another type of pad again.

Honestly, I think you are just practicing poorly.


Yea i realize that now sorry, i will move this question to the Tech people. Thanks again for all the information guys. And i know everyone will keep telling me that stick is better but i have to stick with what feels best, and that’s Pad :wgrin: