Looking for a Custom Gamepad for Xbox 360

Hey guys first time poster here, I apologize in advance for any noobish acts i do while posting this question:

Im looking for someone to create or mod a Gamepad for the Xbox 360. I’m currently using the SF4 gamepad however that pad is very poorly made and i have already gone through 2 of them and will not buy another one. So If anyone could make a Custom Pad for me or just fix up the current SF4 pad i have (with a better d-pad that is concaved “example shown in link below”, buttons, and hardware in-general) i will be in your debt and of course I will reward you handsomely. :tup:

example of a concaved D-pad:
Saitek P220 Digital PC Game Pad
Link: Amazon.com: Saitek P220 Digital PC Game Pad: Electronics

thanks in advance

Some people do these mods to fix up their pad: http://shoryuken.com/f177/tutorial-how-mod-madcatz-fightpad-internal-external-mods-241724/

I like using official sega Saturn pads with my own Saturn to 360 converter that I made using an FGWidget converter PCB. The Saturn pads feel the best to me.

How that looks really cool and I agree the Saturn Pads are the best. However i am a real noob when it comes to hardware so am afraid ill just mess it up. Can you create one for me? Or do you know someone that can?

Absolutely. Check your PMs.

I wonder how many thousands of dollars you got to pay someone to manufacture a new gamepad. Not that it is possible due to ms controller security.

edit: using an fgwidget is your best bet if you like saturn pads.

Or you could just sell him a FrankenPad.

Yeah, he should totally sell him one of these.

^ OMG that is the coolest Fucking thing i have ever seen, who Makes these and how fast can i get one pulls out wallet