Looking for a custom Joystick Soldering Job preferably near Cleveland Ohio

I came up with a new design for a joystick that is a) ambidextrous, b) lets you swap buttons in games that don’t let you like Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for Xbox Live, c) fairly comfortable to both Japanese button and American Button arrangement, regardless of which way you hold the joystick, d) is 4 and 8 way, and e) is multisystem by taking apart controllers for the original systems and soldering them. It’s kind of a complex system but it works well. I have a joystick that was supposed to be made my way, but was misunderstood and a step is missing.

I need help to a) insert RCA Female connectors to the joystick side to represent individual directions and buttons, b) connect another set of RCA females to a DB 25 female connector and c) wire db25 males to various controllers hard wired via soldering actuators, d) actuate the analog sticks and triggers, and e) help me organize my various connections to make connecting and switching easier.

I don’t have or know how to solder, so can someone also help me, or help me find someone who can. Also if you help, and are a custom Joystick maker, maybe you can add my design as an optional feature and pay me a small design fee for each stick sold with this feature after mine, if you think multi-console and ambidextrous is a potent combination.

try tech talk or trading outlet.

You are asking quite a lot engineering wise and labor wise.

I know how to do all that you are asking, but some choices are puzzling.
RCA cables? You would need 5 fat RCA cables when you could just use a db-9.

Also getting the analogs to work requires either remounting the thumbsticks, or purchasing expensive full size analog joysticks.
Well go ahead and check the tech talk thread and trading outlet. Good luck in finding somebody that can do all that.

Pay you a design fee? You want people to pay you because you thought up two ideas, but didn’t do the work to get the idea executed? So once somebody who has the know how and techical savvy goes through the trouble, R&D investment, and real world testig to get your idea to work, you own that process?

I already done the multi-console part of what you are describing and wrote a tutorial on how to do this on the tech forums, but unless you have a patent, I won’t be sending you any money. When you come to the tech talk I would leave out the request for asking for money for your “design” because I think a lot of people have already done bits and pieces of your “design” already.

Would an electrician be able to do this maybe? I came up with the design, and need someone else to do the soldering.

As for the design fee, it would only be with someone who hasn’t thought incorporating it in their line, and if they decide to use it beyond my stick, if they incorporate a couple specific features. I’m being intentionally vague. And also I didn’t say I was patenting it, so others are free to use it. I’m not trying to monopolize the ideas, I’m just saying if someone likes my ideas enough and it increases their business, and wouldn’t have come up with it themselves, then I would like some of the action. But that’s only if they add my specific features to their line. But most likely, unless you’re a mass manufacturer if would be very few bucks, most likely zero.

I am trying to peddle my design to Mad Catz, I’ve got approval from Aksys, makers of BlazBlue, to pursue it with Mad Catz because Aksys doesn’t make their own sticks. What started the conversation was they had pictured on their website a right handed version of the joystick.

The reason for RCA cable is to assign each individual joystick direction and button with one RCA plug, and on the circuit board end the individual joypad function, like Dig N, A, or RB, and since RCA cables are the easiest standard to unplug and replug, that’s easier for an average user to easily use than quick connects. A DB9 would be a waste for “individual” directions and functions for maximum flexibility in assigning buttons and joystick directions to functions, so you can have a block in the middle row if you’re playing UMK3 on Xbox Live. But since the game has not button programming, it’s hard to use with an arcade stick.

If you want to help me in this and you’re you’re from Cuyahoga, Summit or Medina County, Ohio let me know, or if not, let me send stuff to you, and you can fix it for a fee that I pay you. XBox live friend : TripleTopper321 , and let’s talk privately.