Looking for a custom panel for 24mm buttonz

i have a mad catz TE S fightstick and im looking to replace the standard 30 mm button panel with a 24mm button panel.

can anyone here make this custom panel, maybe with artwork included, price?

you know what, forget it, its too much of a hassle, not only do you have to get a new plexi cover, you need a new metal plate cover as well under the plexi

ste, I was actually hoping you would try this, as I always wondered if it would be better.

Spacing the smaller 24’s tighter seems like it would fit more naturally for anyone that doesn’t have a pretty large hand. Has anyone tried this?

just space them the same as they are spaced on a hitbox, the whole purpose of 24mm buttons is for them to be overall more compact than the 30mm, which is the case, theres no point in getting smaller buttons for the same spacing


so what do you guys think? hitbox 24mm button layout and new artwork

of all the ones ive seen users post on this website, so far this one is my favorite…

although i edited this image myself in photoshop and i think i like this look more… although if i were to use it myself i would have to fine tweak it, but here’s the rough look…





Did you think about using a Acrylic panel replacement? I don’t think that you can apply printed art under it, but you can get the surface of it etched.

i think this is the best looking so far… rtdzign, acylic panel? what do you mean?