Looking for a Dante combo



I was fighting someone online earlier who pretty much did Down H, S, Hammer, Beowulf OTG kick, the followup with the rapid kicks, and then a super. What’s the full sequence on that?


From what you’re describing, that’s part of the standard BnB. Except for the :d::h:, dunno what that’s about.

Here’s what you would do though.

:d::l:, :d::m:, :d::h:, :s:~:h::h: (gun shots)~:s: (prop shredder), j.:qcf::l:~:l:, :dp::m:~:m: xx :qcf::atk::atk:

Day 1 stuff, but meh, whatever.


I believe there is a super jump after the prop shredder. :wink:


And you can still combo Beehive into Jet Stream unlike pre-release premonitions. So that can add on the BnB.


I figured that would be implied.

I would just do another Beehive. Dunno why I didn’t type that in though.


Well, you never know for sure how much people know shrug haha.


I guess, but that’s what asking questions is for. If they get confused, then they’re free to do so.