Looking for a desktop to run SF4

Hey guys,

I’m looking a computer to install SF4 in it and was wondering how well that should do it:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA -P31-DS3L/S3L
CPU: Intel Dual Core 2 6420 2,13 MHz
Memory: 2 GB Kingston 5300
Video card: ATI 2600XT 512 MB PCI Express

Anyone got something close to that with results from the benchmark?

I found this computer for 120? = $170 USD (without monitor), you guys think it’s a good deal?

Thx for any helpful input.

Taken from Overclock3D.net:


The Good

  • Nice quiet cooler
  • Cheap
  • Good overclocking

The Mediocre

  • Nice looking
  • Decent Bundle

The Bad

  • Bad gaming performance
  • Awful 3DMark performance
  • Brought to shame by the competition

So no, I wouldn’t put much faith in that gpu. Although I believe the other components you mentioned are adequate.

that actually looks like a steal, but i do not have those specs nor do i have SFIV on my PC, so i can’t tell you for sure. comparing it to the game’s requirements, however, those appear to even exceed the recommended requirements, which will mean you’re pretty much in the clear. where’d you find the deal? if it’s from someone you know personally, or from a specialty computer store, you may want to ask if you can use it first to test it out and maybe even run the benchmark program.

kingston RAM is supposedly low quality, but i imagine it’ll be fine. everything else looks just fine, just be warned that ATI cards have a reputation for heating up like a bitch and could burn themselves out (literally, scorch marks) if you don’t use the ATItool program and/or something to turn up the built-in fan speed.

EDIT: regarding the previous poster’s comments - i myself haven’t read much about bad game performance, i can’t imagine that’d be that big of an issue, but maybe i haven’t read enough. yes, compared to other GPUs out right now, it is a bit sub-par… however it most certainly meets recommended requirements (good) and for that price you can’t really go wrong. if you want better performance though, the first thing you should consider upgrading would be the graphics card, in this case.

Spending money on low end parts is stupid when good parts don’t cost much more. You don’t need to buy high end, but aiming too low is the worst way to waste money.

Its decent but that video card is pretty outdated. How much are you looking to spend?

That’s a pretty good deal.

You can buy this overclock CPU a little , and swap GPU to something like GF9600gt or radeon 4770.

If you don’t want to oc or upgrade graphic card don’t bother.

Thx for the replies but I think the computer got sold already… how about this one?

Cpu-------Athlon64 2.7 Ghz 45W Version Box
Mother—Foxconn 6100M2MA-RS2H
Ram---- --2x1go DDR2 6400 Corsair
Video-----Radeon X1950 Pro HDCP 256MB Version Box
HD--------Western Digital 160GB Sata
Power----Antec 450W

It comes with a 19" CRT for 200? = 280USD. Is the CPU good enough? That is the most I was expecting to pay for a computer so any other thoughts?


You need something like this.

You could make it a bit cheaper by using:
radeon 4670 instead of 4770
by replacing case with cheapest noname case
cheaper power supply (any good brand 380-450w will be good enought)
replace ram with cheaper 2x2 gb ddr2 800 cl5 sticks

I highly recommend getting a solid state drive to install your games and programs to.

I shelled out the ass for a high(er) speed super talent SSD with only 64gigs of memory on it, but it was worth every penny. Its a rather dramatic performance increase.

Whatever you end up doing, don’t ever buy a single core CPU in this day and age.

Specially if you want to play games on your computer, it would be a waste of time. Also RAM is super cheap this days, if you are running Vista i would not recommend anything less than 3 GB.

Right now i’m running on what i consider a mid/low end gaming machine. It’s an AMD X2 +6000 (@3.2) with and ATI 4850 and 6 GB Ram and i can run games like Street Fighter 4, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead fine and i built this system for a bit less than 400 dollars(excluding the monitor).

Also, if you want to build a machine just to play Street Fighter 4 and perhaps games on GGPO and 2DF, go for an Nvidia video card.


One more thing. If you don’t plan on getting more than 4 GB and you will use you PC strictly for gaming, then go for a 32-bit OS.
I love my Vista 64, but i would not recommend it for a gaming only rig.

that part will already cost more than what he is willing to pay for, for his entire desktop :confused:

Thx for the link but I don’t think about buying a new computer and it seems a bit pricey, plus do they ship it to France?

Ohh, I didn’t know about performance increase with a SS drive but I don’t think I’ll need that much of performance since it’ll be used mainly for SF4 so all I need is specs at least as good as the recommended system requirements.

That single core bugs me too… I’m thinking of running XP, I don’t really like Vista, and I don’t really need it. $400 is pretty cheap for the specs you’ve got. I wonder how much it would be here to build something similar. I’ll keep the Nvidia video card thing in mind too, thanks a lot. I’ll keep searching a bit.


Perhaps I should read before responding.

Hi, it’s me again. I’m still looking for a fair quality desktop to play SFIV at a cheap price and was wondering if anyone know how will perfom this one:


Sorry for the french website, it’s the only one I found but here’s the main description:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64X2 5050e @ 2,6 GHz
Memory: 4 GB DDR2
Video: Nvidia GF 6150 GT (up to 1024 MB shared) (GT? really? I dunno)

Yeah so for around US$425, I get this brand new. The thing is the video card doesn’t reach the minimum requierements… Does it mean it won’t be able to run it at all?

if it’s only for sf4 then go buy a xbox, it’s much cheaper.
sf4 pc suxx too, there are alot macro tool users who perform the hardest move with 1 button press.

i saw it myself. i play in ~1100 ratings on my box but i get destroyed by low rating noobs on pc. forget this shit, buy a console. i think pc users and console users can’t play together, at least i can’t find my pc friend in any rankings and he can’t find me.

Is this a full system with case and hard drive and such? If so, that doesn’t seem bad at all. Ok so it’s an old beater, but I’m used to budgeting that much money just when I buy the ram for a new system.

wayy too expensive… for that crappy spec

why dont you look something like this

AMD GAMER-PC X2 7750+ 4096MB 500GB 9400GT-1GB Computer
1024MB-Geforce9400GT | DVD-BRENNER | 4096 MB DDR2 RAM


well the arcade sf4 runs on a Pentium 4 with a geforce 7900gs.

in my opinion, you should probably look for a video card with a 256-bit memory interface, if you want to run it at the same settings.

you can also look for a video card with 128-bit interface, jsut turn off self-shadowing and you SHOULD be ok.

Well I do have an xbox at home with sf4 but due to living with some other people in my apartment, i can’t really play in the living room cus the tv is always in use and the tv isn’t mine, so I can’t say: “get out, let me play”. That’s why i wanted a PC in my room so I can play whenever I want.

Well, that one isn’t available anymore… :frowning:

That does look interesting for 250 but if I guess right, that’s only the starting price isn’t it? Price should go up a lot with the specs. But following this link, I found this:


Arggh… they don’t ship to France though…

I didn’t know about the 256-bit memory spec, it’s very good to know although like you said, i don’t really mind the graphic details that much so I gues a 128-bit can do it too. So you recommend I go with something around the GF 7900GS?

Oh wait, the 250? system IS a buy it now price?! Hmmm… but how much for shipping? I can’t read german. Will the bios and OS also be in german?